Ylands Mobile Version is now available globally

Ylands Mobile is a free-to-play game which provides players with the infinite potential of fun. It is a sandbox survival game from Bohemia Interactive, the makers of Arma. Currently, the game is also available on Steam and Windows Store. Ylands mobile version was first released as 0.15.1 for testing. And now the game is now available globally.

About Ylands

Ylands is a sandbox survival game which was first available in steam with early access. The game supports the “Explore Mode” but the focus has highly shifted to the community creations just like Minecraft. The “Explore Mode” of the game challenges the players to survive and flourish on islands. The island is populated with pirates, bandits, dangerous animals, etc.

For the community creations, the players can share their creations through the Ylands workshop. Further, the players can optionally monetize them with a “Transaction” game logic available in the editor. This enables the players to purchase “Coyns”, which is the premium currency in the game.

The official website of the game says:

CREATE any game (from RPG epics to racing games – and anything in-between) you can dream of using the powerful Editor, then breathe life into your creations via Visual Scripting. SHARE your creations with the entire world via the Ylands Workshop and monetize any aspect of your creativity (if you choose so). PLAY countless unique games from the Workshop, across any genres and experiences. There is something new to play every day.

This clearly shows that the game focuses on the players’ creativity. Share them with the community and even play various community creations.

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About Ylands Mobile Version

The handheld version of Ylands is designed from the ground-up to support and work on mobile devices. Most of the games can be shared between desktop and mobile versions ( cross-platform facility). So the players will have access to worlds of content.

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