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Zenless Zone Zero: HoYoverse opens registration for closed beta test of its upcoming ARPG game

Embark on an adventure with diverse characters and experience action-oriented combat!

Global interactive entertainment brand miHoYo has revealed its latest urban fantasy ARPG title Zenless Zone Zero. Registration for the initial closed beta of Zenless Zone Zero is now available on the official website.

Zenless Zone Zero is a brand-new mobile game franchise set in a post-apocalyptic metropolis. It has a fascinating tale, futuristic art style, memorable characters, and a thrilling action-oriented combat system. Players will take on the role of a Proxy and embark on an adventure with a diverse collection of companions in New Eridu, the last refuge for urban civilization, to combat mysterious adversaries and unravel mysteries.

Zenless Zone Zero features a fluid, cinematic action-oriented combat system

A supernatural cataclysm known as the “Hollows” has wiped out all modern society. They expand exponentially out of thin air, resulting in chaotic realities inhabited by unknown monsters known as the “Ethereal.” New Eridu, the last urban civilization to survive the catastrophe, thrived thanks to its ability to extract important minerals from the Hollows.

HoYoverse Zenless Zone Zero closed beta
Image via miHoYo

New Eridu began a major exploration of the Hollows for its continued expansion as it became the city of miracles and drew more resettled citizens. Under the city’s rule, the Hollows were industrialized and monetized, leading to an increase in antagonism between monopolistic enterprises, gangs, conspirators, and zealots.

In the game, players take on the role of a Proxy, a unique professional who helps individuals through the Hollows. Many people desire to visit the Hollows for a variety of reasons, and the Proxies are their indispensable companions. Players will assist them in exploring the Hollows, fighting their adversaries, achieving their objectives, and learning more about their narrative.

HoYoverse Zenless Zone Zero closed beta
Image via miHoYo

This 3D anime-style title boasts a slick, cinematic action-oriented fighting system in addition to an interesting tale. Players can control several characters to unleash electrifying skills and limitless QTE combos while fighting Ethereal. A Roguelike gameplay system has also been established in the game and is on the verge of being discovered.

What are your thoughts about the closed beta of miHoYo’s new title Zenless Zone Zero? Let us know in the comments section below!

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