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ZIO and the Magic Scrolls introduces its first update titled Boss Raid

Plenty of events and rewards are awaiting all players!

The mobile fantasy AFK RPG ZIO and the Magic Scrolls is gaining traction following its successful launch, and the Boss Raid is the game’s first large-scale update.

Zio and the Magic Scrolls is a recently released AFK RPG that was chosen for inclusion in the Google pre-order collection before its release and has received over 700,000 pre-orders. It has received praise for its fantastic gameplay.

The game’s popularity can be attributed to a number of elements, including the ingenious incorporation of Naver Webtoon’s popular webcomic Magic Scroll Merchant Zio into the game, as well as dramatic battles involving magic scrolls, gorgeously illustrated characters, and a simple playing mechanism.

Zio and the Magic Scrolls Boss Raid update

Boss Raid, a large-scale update, is also gaining a lot of interest. ‘Boss Raid,’ based on the original webtoon scenario in which dragons arrive and fight people, is large-scale coalition combat amongst gamers. To battle the boss, the players will have to work together in an in-game guild system called the Magic Guild.

Players must remember the following to ensure victory for themselves and their group! Within the time restriction of 90 seconds, they must defeat the boss. The boss also possesses excellent overall attack skills and passives, so adventurers will need to structure their team intelligently. They must also remember to use the Guild Scroll, which can only be used in Boss Raids.

The Boss Raid update will bring amazing rewards

Players must also be unafraid of difficulties! They can earn rewards simply by participating, and they can earn Season Rewards if they participate three times or more. Of course, the larger the benefit, the more they contribute. The Guild Coin, which can be obtained as a prize, can be exchanged for a variety of fascinating goods, like necklaces and rings.

Zio and the magic scrolls special event
Image via SuperPlanet

Boss Raids will be staged on a season-by-season basis, and the guild that ranks first at the end of the season will be inducted into the ‘Hall of Fame.’ The adventurers must not miss out on the opportunity to gain enormous riches as well as their guild’s glory.

Zabatus, the demon announces his arrival in the game

A new character named Zabatus will be added after the Boss Raid update. In the original webtoon, he was known as a powerful demon, and he will use his great abilities in combat to make the game even more thrilling.

Special events are being planned to commemorate this update. To celebrate the arrival of the new character ‘Zabatus,’ all players will receive enough diamonds to perform 55 free invocations, as well as a Special Attendance Event, in which players will be able to obtain goodies such as Red Diamonds, General Summon Tickets, and more simply by attending. In addition, all participants will receive more diamonds.

Are you excited about the Zio and the Magic Scrolls Boss Raid update? Let us know in the comments below!

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