ZOZ: Final Hour is now available for pre-registration on Android in selected regions

A TPS for your extreme shooting delight!

Pre-registration for ZOZ: Final Hour is currently available on Google Play in Brazil and Indonesia, with more areas to come, according to NetEase Games. Last October, the game’s Closed Beta Test began in Brazil. The game’s distinctive feature is the transformation from a man to a zombie. In ZOZ, players take on the role of a mercenary and travel to San Yager, a zombie-infested city, in search of a mysterious substance known as Blood Crystal.

The player’s objective becomes evacuation after they have gathered enough information. However, if a player is killed, the Merc will transform into a Zombie Merc and continue the game with a new goal: to turn the other players into their own kind.

ZOZ: Final Hour offers players a unique adventure with different styles

Players will be dropped onto a battleground comprised of 7 randomly created plots, such as a hospital, studio, amusement park, mall, and so on before the game begins. The zombie metropolis of San Yager is steeped in a post-apocalyptic aura of decadence and repression, yet each storyline has its own distinct qualities, providing players with a variety of map adventures. There are also Easter eggs that pay tribute to classic films like Resident Evil, which are likely to pique the interest of zombie lovers.

ZOZ final hour
Image via Netease

The ZOZ development team got a lot of suggestions and assistance from fans throughout the CBT. The ZOZ team extended the test time in response to their strong request, allowing more people to enjoy the game. And this time, the game surprises gamers with additional material and improved gameplay.

Players may now not only choose to follow the path of a lone wolf but also to work together in a team mode. Death is also a fresh beginning in San Yager, where the zombie mercenary has been reinvented with a unique upgrading system and a variety of talents. There’s more to discover, including new areas, legendary goods, and even more deadly zombies.

Battle with zombies who are smarter and more challenging

The ZOZ development team is made up of fans of shooting games. Some of them are die-hard fans of games like Resident Evil, Overwatch, and Call of Duty. To create a quality product like these games, the team put in a lot of effort and developed a lot of advancements in all elements of the game, including visuals, objects, weaponry, and levels, during the course of a two-year development period.

To improve the game’s realism and engagement, it uses a NetEase-developed gaming engine to generate dynamic and realistic light and shadow effects in the game by imitating actual city architecture and employing next-generation rendering technology.

To set itself apart from previous zombie games, ZOZ: Final Hour has improved the AI performance of the zombies, making their behavior smarter and more demanding for players. ZOZ is available on Google Play now, and those who are pre-registered will receive an exclusive gift pack.

Are you excited as ZOZ: Final Hour is now available for pre-registration? Let us know in the comments below!

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