ZOZ Final Hour: NetEase’s zombie shooter enters early access in Brazil

The early access is expected to feature around eight weapons for players to test

ZOZ: Final Hour, the upcoming action zombie survival shooter game developed by NetEase Games has opened its early access in Brazil. ZOZ: Final Hour is a 15-player adventure game. Players take the role of a mercenary and will go up against the AI as well as other real players in the zombie city of San Yaeger.

The objective of the game is to hunt for the Blood Crystal. Players that fail the mission will be turned into a zombie and must hunt and stop other players on the map from completing the mission.

ZOZ: Final Hour closed beta
ZOZ: Final Hour gameplay

Producer K.Ghost stressed that this was one of the more fun parts of the game as usually in video games “death means the end”. This feature will certainly add a layer of uniqueness to the title not seen in other zombie games.

Additionally, the game also features high-quality graphics and top-notch AI, according to NetEase games. The AI will pose a great challenge to players who will have to improvise and adapt in order to traverse the zombie-ridden city of San Yaeger.

ZOZ: Final Hour early access opens in Brazil

The early access is expected to feature around eight weapons for players to test. Additionally, it will also feature certain tactical gear for players to experiment with. The full game is expected to feature a wider range of weapons and gear. It has also been hinted that players will be allowed to form alliances with fellow mercenaries or even backstab them to ensure their survival. 

When will ZOZ Final Hour release globally

It is unclear how the beta will move in other regions at this point because this will decide the future global launch of ZOZ Final Hour. Users can always check the official site for more information or the Google Play page to see if the game is available in any particular region.

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