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Albion Online Mobile review: Experience a classic old school sandbox MMORPG

Enter the mystical Roads of Avalon to discover ever-changing paths between distant zones

Albion Online is a fantasy MMORPG that was earlier available for PC but now has been ported over to Android and iOS with cross-platform play. The game comes complete with its own lore and open-world experience among other elements which add to the overall gameplay experience. Here in this article, we will review Albion Online and share our first impressions of the game.

The game does have the look and feel of a classic MMORPG and presents itself in that way. But the first thing one would notice after booting the game up would be the User Interface. Which sadly feels like it’s made to fit larger screens but has been shrunk down to fit a mobile screen. Everything looks terribly small and it’s just hard to get around. User Interface is always a deciding factor and this game just didn’t focus enough on that.

Albion Online Mobile offers a neat sandbox-like experience

Starting off with the review, in Albion Online, going beyond the disappointing User Interface, the gameplay actually is pretty nice! The game might take some users back to the days of the OG MMOs with its gameplay style. The camera is panned down at you and you’re guided through the starting as you build up resources needed for your journey. The game starts out slow though and you just go around doing beginner tasks and after that, once you’ve understood how things work in the game, you get to go around and do things for yourself. There’s also character customization at the very start of the game but the UI issues showed up here as well since the buttons to change your character’s looks were really small.

sandbox MMORPG

As mentioned earlier, the game has some lore and the gameplay mostly justifies that. Like most RPGs though players won’t notice it as much and most likely would get drawn in by the grind and finishing the objectives the game provides you with. You travel from point to point, unlocking newer areas and getting a chance to explore and look around. While at times it might feel a bit linear, there’s scope for exploration and deeper understanding.

Spend hours grinding the game in an engaging combat

While the game doesn’t really have a lot in the way of PvE gameplay, there’s a lot of PvP gameplay and interaction with other players which is really good since that’s one of the game’s main selling points. Moving on to the game can feel grindy at times especially after the game is done with giving you a lot of resources for being a beginner and then exposes you to a world where there’s a serious lack of resources you need and the only way to succeed is to grind for long hours.

Albion Online gameplay

This is usually how these MMORPGs turn out and this is usually to get you to invest real money into the game (more on that later). Overall, while the gameplay does get grindy, it doesn’t get boring and there’s a lot of stuff players can do at their own will. There’s a lot of different gameplay mechanics and features which will take some time to get used to.

The game offers a low-poly art style with some amazing animations

The graphic style is pretty similar to that of other classic MMORPG titles and looks pretty decent. A few graphical glitches were observed however but aside from that, the gameplay is made better by the graphics the game has. The audio isn’t bad as well but if you’re listening closely to the player’s footsteps and other sounds like that, there are audio glitches as well and things aren’t very smooth.

Albion Online Review

For example, at times walking on a wooden platform gave off the same sound as walking on a sandy or soily path. For those players whose gameplay experience depends on the details, this is definitely an issue. Other than that, there weren’t any other major visual or auditory issues.

Too small UI but comes with decent controls

Now the controls are fine. Maybe some buttons are a tad bit small but they really aren’t hard to get used to. The UI aside from that isn’t great. It all boils down to it looking like a smaller version of the PC version of the game and that doesn’t work very well. Most buttons are really small and misclicking or not being able to find a button at all is something that happens regularly. This is absolutely something that needs a lot of work.

Albion Online Review

Grind the game to get over any kind of IAPs

The game doesn’t have any pesky and interruptive ads at all so that is a pretty cool thing. But the game does push a premium towards you which essentially is a way of getting over the tiring grindy gameplay which exists in the first place to make players pay with real-life money for faster and more normal-paced progress.

Albion Online Mobile review: Final Verdict

Albion Online is a pretty well-known title with pretty good gameplay. This version of the game is pretty good as well in terms of gameplay but the UI issues and the grindy nature kind of affect the overall experience. However, with some tweaks, the game can be improved a lot and made really enjoyable for fans of classic MMORPG games.

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