Animal Restaurant: Run your own adorable Restaurant

Animal Restaurant was suggested to me by an ad I got while playing something completely different. As the name already suggests, it’s a game about running your restaurant, but with animals instead. What got me into this game was the cute art style. So let’s talk about Animal Restaurant.

Meeting Chef Gumi

animal restaurant screenshots
Screenshots from Animal Restaurant

You’re being introduced to the chef of this restaurant, Chef Gumi. He is a cat, like most of the staff. He is also the disguised Tutorial Guide, telling you what to do and how to do it. Most of it is very straight forward and there is no handholding whatsoever. Once you know the basics, you’re free to explore all the possibilities. Chef Gumi will pop up here and there, when you unlock new areas and mechanics, to give you a quick rundown and not make it boring.

Be a Cod Millionaire

Your in-game currency is cod, a type of fish. very fitting for a cat run restaurant. You earn cod by satisfying customers. tap the bubbles to prepare the food, it will be automatically be brought to their table. You can also hire staff to help you out. Jiji the Waiter will take your customer’s orders and prepare the food in the kitchen. Every staff member has a cooldown when they are done working. You can promote them to increase the service time.

You can increase the cost of your food over time, as well as earn more cod by getting either new furniture or upgrade your current one. You can also get a tipping glass and get tips. When you’re going offline, it will increase and you can obtain it when you’re back from your break.

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Promote your Animal Restaurant

You can get more customers by promoting your restaurant with flyers, that’s the button in the bottom right. Tap it repeatedly to send out one flyer. Or promote x 15 by watching an ad. Cats (I assume) dressed as dragons will start dancing at the front door and attracting customers, filling your small restaurant. With every customer that enters your establishment, text starts to fly across your screen. This is pretty distracting and does not add anything to it. Maybe making Jiji the Waiter say hello from time to time would be a better idea.

Animal Restaurant is a rather relaxing game, doesn’t need a lot of attention and you can let it run while you are watching a video or playing a game. Watching ads can increase your cod if you wish. They’re all optional and not needed to play this game.

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