AutoChess Moba review: Experience a unique take on the MOBA genre

Is this the closest we will get to DOTA 2 on mobile?

AutoChess Moba is a new Multiplayer Online Based Arena game based on the Dragon Nest Games game Autochess. Autochess Moba, unlike Auto chess, is a MOBA-style game that aspires to compete with mobile MOBA powerhouses like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and League of Legends Wild Rift. Here in this article, we will review Autochess Moba and share our first impressions of the game.

Dominate in 5v5 team battles and march to glory

Starting off with AutoChess Moba review, the game beings with players possessing the primary base that they must defend, similar to the majority of MOBA games. The primary distinction from most games is that they are roughly based on DOTA2, where there are no bushes to hide behind and the terrain diversity is quite noticeable. Autochess MOBA has arguably much slower-paced gameplay for a mobile MOBA game in comparison to other titles such as LoL: WR and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

AutoChess Moba Itemization recommendation
Image via Dragon Nest

This gives the game a charm for gamers that love a slower-paced strategy-oriented MOBA game than what we usually get with other 10-15 minute mobile MOBA games available in the market.

The game boasts straightforward yet unique gameplay mechanics

One of the biggest assets of Autochess Moba lies in its simplistic yet unique game mechanics. This stems from its choice of map creation, where there is a focus on building the jungle parts of the map. Unlike most other MOBA games that focus on the laning aspect of the game.

AutoChess Moba Laning guide
Image via Dragon Nest

This is evident with the extra objectives located in the jungle that the players will need to fight for. In addition to the Buff monsters and Epic monsters, Autochess Moba’s jungle has a shrine that gives players’ team gold and an orb that contains a buff for the player that collects it.

AutoChess MOBA offers decent graphics and a basic UI

So far the aspects of the gameplay mechanics are very interesting and have not been seen in other mobile MOBA games. The Graphics is very eye-catching especially as it does not take up as much space but still deliver an eye candy of a game.

Its soundtrack may be a bit lackluster but it makes up with the impressive voice acting especially by the announcer that dramatizes every announcement. The Controls and UI is pretty usable although it may feel a bit cluttered, especially when having multiple active items in play.

offlane AutoChess Moba
Image via Dragon Nest

All the in-game Heroes are free from the shackles of IAPs

Lastly the Free to Play element of the game is insanely good as all the heroes in the game can be unlocked just by progressing through the rank system which is pretty easy to traverse especially in the earlier stages of the game where all the heroes can be unlocked at.

Beginning of the Dota vs LoL Feud, now for mobile MOBAs

One of the longest-running feuds in gaming history is the one between League of Legends players and Dota 2 players. As the gameplay mechanics of Autochess Moba closely resembles that of Dota 2, as Dota players discover the game this might take the rivalry from PC to mobile with Autochess Moba vs League of Legends: Wild Rift. Hopefully, Autochess Moba can live up to the expectation of bringing the all-time PC classic Dota 2 to mobile and be an actual new competitor for League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Final Verdict

Autochess Moba is a very fun, interesting, and addicting game that is definitely worth playing. It gives a very refreshing and interesting twist to the already saturated MOBA scene on mobile. It proves a worthy competitor for League of Legends: Wild Rift and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The game is still only in early access so the fans can hope and wait for how DragonNest games will handle the development of the game. It is very ironic how the AutoChess game is having a Moba game now as the Autochess genre of games started off as a minigame that is enclosed in the DOTA 2 which is where the Autochess MOBA game is now based.

AutoChess Moba review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 7.5
Gamemodes - 7.5
Graphics and Music - 7.5
Controls and UI - 6.5
Free-to-Play Elements - 8.5



Autochess Moba is a very unique take on the MOBA genre. We would just like to say that every Defense of the Ancient fan out there should try AutoChess Moba out. The game closely resembles what the DOTA 2 gameplay is more so than any other mobile MOBA that has been released thus far.

What are your opinions on the Autochess Moba game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments below!

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