AutoChess MOBA: The complete Laning Guide and Tips

Dominate your lane in AutoChess!

AutoChess MOBA is a new game on early access based on the game from Dragon Nest Games, entitled Autochess. However, unlike Autochess, as the name suggests, Autochess MOBA is a MOBA type of game that aims to rival mobile MOBA powerhouses like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and League of Legends Wild Rift. In this guide, we will dive deep into the unique laning system of AutoChess Moba and how to effectively play it with which different roles to choose from.

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Introducing the Laning System in AutoChess MOBA

Autochess Moba, like the majority of other MOBA games such as League of Legends: Wild Rift and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, employs a three-lane system that players can choose to play from. Each lane has three towers that protect the respective players’ bases.

Unlike previous MOBAs, Autochess Moba’s three lanes have distinct features and names not just top mid and bot. Each lane is filled with a position that is pivotal to winning the game.

AutoChess Moba Laning guide
Image via Dragon Nest

The different positions available for players to choose from are the: Carry, Support, Offlaner, Mid Core, and Roam/Jungle/Secondary Support. Each role has a distinguished part to play in order to maintain the dynamics of the team. Each of the roles is designated to each of the lanes in order for them to do what they are designed to do as.


The Safelane or the long lane usually fights against the enemy offlane. The safelane is primarily the lane that houses the role of both the primary carry of the team along with the support. This is their usual lane because as the name suggests the safelane is the much safer lane choice as the jungle side of the team is much bigger.

safelane AutoChess Moba
Image via Dragon Nest

This means that ganks are much less likely with the roamer or jungle having much more control over the side of the map. This is what the squishy carry wants so that they can build items to be so much more powerful in the mid to late game.


The Offlane or the short lane usually fights against the enemy safe lane. The short lane is the exact opposite of the safe lane. This lane is where the Offlaner or the hero only needs to build some items for the team fight and has a huge poke or kill potential early especially against the enemy carry.

offlane AutoChess Moba
Image via Dragon Nest

The offlane is a much more unsafe lane than the safe lane as in order to push to the turret of the enemy team the offlaner would need to walk too deep into the enemy side of the map which can be exploited by the enemy roam where they can go to an unsuspecting over extended offlaner and gank/team kill them easily with the carry and support


The Midlane is one of the most popular lanes that players tend to want to play on. The Midlane is usually the lane where the most technically gifted player shines. This is because the mid lane usually houses a 1 versus 1 against the enemy secondary carry.

midlane AutoChess Moba
Image via Dragon Nest

The mid lane is also the one closest to all the other lanes with the exception of the jungle/roam player. Knowing this the mid-core usually has a responsibility of being able to respond to the team fights whenever the other two lanes and/or the jungle is in need of immediate assistance.


Lastly, Roam or Jungle. The jungle is technically not a lane but is one of the most crucial parts of the three lanes winning their respective laning phases. Roamers are usually secondary supports with heavy cc or a damage nuke that can kill enemy carriers quickly when ganking the other lanes.

Jungle AutoChess Moba
Image via Dragon Nest

It is up for the roam to ward off most of the important parts of the map. They also need to keep enough pressure against enemies in order to make sure the lane of their teammates is safe enough to farm on.

That’s all from us for the AutoChess MOBA Laning Guide! Did you find our AutoChess MOBA Laning guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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