Boom Karts review: A new take on the kart racing genre

Race to the top and become the best kart racer

A short while ago, Fingersoft, which worked on Hill Climb Racing and its sequel which got millions of downloads, released a new arcade, kart racing casual game called Boom Karts. It’s a multiplayer PvP game developed in collaboration with Zaibatsu Interactive. Here in this article, we will review Boom Karts and share our first impressions of the game.

Kart racing with a brand new outlook

Starting off with the review, Boom Karts at first play resembles most other classic Kart racing games. Zippy-looking karts speed across the track, drifting, collecting, and using power-ups and the usual mayhem. Some might consider Hill Climb Racing to be the start, Hill Climb Racing 2 to be Fingersoft’s foray into multiplayer racing, and Boom Karts to be a 3D version complete with tracks and power-ups.

Boom Karts released

However, if you’ve played other games similar to Boom Karts, you’ll start seeing how this game doesn’t really add anything to the genre and instead offers a mediocre experience in terms of gameplay and everything outside of it. The game offers a bunch of choices when it comes to customization. Hats, helmets, t-shirts, and a bunch of other stuff can be customized and your collection can be expanded as you progress through the game.

Use Power-ups and clear Hurdles

As mentioned earlier, the game has multiple tracks, power-ups, and hurdles, You steer pressing the left and right side of the screen while the game accelerates for you. There are no brakes obviously so keep that in mind and look out for players and sudden obstacles in the track. Drifting gives you a speed boost while there’s a bunch of power-ups you can use to attack your opponents. Again, nothing special but it still manages to hold your focus for a while. Aside from the main game mode you get to try out first, there’s an adventure mode as well in which you have a bunch of challenges that are pretty different from the quick play type deal the regular mode offers. You can also play in custom lobbies with your friends and change a bunch of settings to get the experience you want.

Boom Karts review

Now one of the problems is the power-up imbalance. There’s really no way to defend yourself if a missile has locked onto you or there’s a canon coming your way. Crawling your way to the top but losing it because missiles lock onto the player at the first position is really frustrating and having a way to defend yourself would make it even better due to the added element of right timing. The placement of the power-ups is also spaced out a lot and they aren’t common enough to make it exciting.

Easy UI and controls but average graphics

Even with the visual settings set to high, the game still looks really low poly and while there’s not a lot you can expect graphically from a cart racer, the graphics jump out at you and they’re noticeably below average. The in game music isn’t any better. It’s got some funky beats and the sound effects are decent.

Boom Karts review

The controls aren’t too difficult to understand and you’ll immediately get used to them. Just click the right or left side of the screen to go that way while the game will accelerate for you. The UI is clean and simple to understand.

Bugs and IAPs are a part of the game

The game has advertisements that will pop up once in a while and it has In-App Purchases as well. Items like chests, coins, and gems. These definitely make the game easier and if you’re willing to pump money into the game, you’ll progress through faster. This might be something players would have gripes with.

Boom Karts review

The game is still in its early stages so there’s a few bugs and glitches. One of the common ones is the race not starting. You just sit there until you minimise and reopen the game. Aside from this, there weren’t any other major bugs.

Final verdict

While Boom Karts isn’t necessarily a bad game, its shortcoming is not bringing anything new to the table or doing something new. This combined with the flaws it has makes it harder to pick the game over titles like Mario Kart World Tour. While games like Hill Climb Racing provided a casual and fun experience, this game just seems to give off the feeling that it lacks something.

It still can offer a decent experience for a short while and the multiplayer aspect introduces some challenges and space for competitiveness. The character customization and kart modifications you can make also are the positives of this game. Overall, Boom Karts is moderately fun and playable.

What are your opinions on the Boom Karts game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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