BRIXITY review: Build Your World, Brix by Brix

Create and relax in the city of Brix!

BRIXITY is a 3D sandbox city-building simulation game offered by Devsisters Cooperation that invites the players to build a now desolate Earth. The player is chosen as the Brixmaster of their city where they are tasked with a mission to restore the planet by designing their city with healing substances called Brix. The game has excellent graphics along with over 7000 variations of Brix and a motivating storyline to enjoy themselves in the game. Here in this BRIXITY review, we will discuss all about BRIXITY and measure our first impressions of the game.

Build your City, and Restore a now desolate Earth 

Starting with our BRIXITY review, the latest game offered by the developers of the Cookie Run series, Devsisters, attempts to establish a groundbreaking position in the simulation genre for their team. The story takes you to a whole new universe where humanity has been extinct for 500 years, and it’s 2053 on Earth. The planet is filled with toxic energy and the player as a Brixmaster has been assigned the job of restoring and rebuilding the authenticity of their city using the purifying blocks also known as Brix.

Image via Devsisters Corporation

In the beginning, the story pairs you up with a Pipo named Cosmo at the space academy who proves to be your loyal but smug partner throughout the expedition. The game tests the building skills of the players with a trial project and they are all set to land on Earth. After building a Restoration Building and setting the seal with the tutorials, they are all set to give a visionary touch to cities through the Creator Mode.

BRIXITY gloats a variety of Brix along with boundless Creativity

Brixity consists of varieties of Brix for the players to explore and the only thing stopping them from advancing their creativity is their imagination. The players witness a collection of Special Brix that needs to be drawn using the respective coupon. Utilizing these Brix to construct buildings boosts the players’ profiles.

Image via Devsisters Corporation

With over 7000 types of Brix, the players get an extensive collection of blocks to give life to their ideas. The players can create new designs and space up the impure city with innovative creations ranging from towering skyscrapers to comfy residential buildings. Like a real-life city, the players can divide everything into districts or centers to pacify their originality. In addition to the top-notch graphics, the endless possibilities of architectural combinations instill reusability and multiple styling within the game.

Catchy Graphics with adorable Block beings

Graphics is one of the strong suits of Brixity promising a variant palette of colors. Brixity outweighs their insincere decorum with a soft-edged aesthetic. The Brix has a mix of sharp corners and a smooth surface. The 3-D objects have a gooey feel and are detailed with a combination of inclined planes and orbital rectangles adding a fun touch to the game. 

Brixity pre-registration
Image via Devsisters

As the players start their journey, they will come across adorable blocky beings known as Pipos. They have a body of rounded corners with deliberate expressions. The players can enjoy idly by changing the hairstyles and costumes of their Pipo. The Pipos wander around leisurely in the city uttering a few conversations when encountered by the player. As a matter of work, they do produce coins when employed in commercial buildings. Overall, Brixity omits a fun, colorful, and genial artistry.

Latest utility techniques but have overbearing loads and time restrictions 

One more advantage of Brixity points to the modern utilization techniques this game can offer to the players. After the game walks you through the tutorial and guides for building some preset blueprints, Brixity assigns you the task of creating individual blueprints or structures.

The Creator Mode is only bound by the city space and supply of resources. Other than these, there are no other factors to restrict the endless minds to create a masterpiece. The players can grasp, zoom, and use the control buttons to rotate the 3-D space to place the missing piece in the correct position. 

Image via Devsisters Corporation

However, as the players progress further in the game, these detailed walkthroughs and understanding will start molding into a storm of currency systems. Brixity also proves to be a slow-paced game and the main issue lies in the speed at which the buildings are formed.

Games such as SimCity Buildit can take only a few minutes to fill the whole space but here the players have to struggle with an overbearing workload so that they can move on to their next project. One more point adds up when the players need to purify the toxic space which takes more and more time and the players face a scarcity of clean-up bots as a result.

No ads however IAPs are actually prominent in the city of BRIXITY

It is interesting to witness that Brixity inhabits almost no advertisements and interruptions, ensuring smooth gameplay for the users. This puts the game in a good light and is not so frustrating for the players to access. The game has a handful of in-app purchases as opposed to the other regular games lately. Paid membership options, a two-tier Brix Pass, and the liberty to pull Master Pipos and Special Brix are some of the privileges the players can get inclined to.

Image via Devsisters Corporation

If the players are willing to purchase a Special Brix or other fastened resources, they can proceed with the transaction. At the beginning of the game, the players will not feel the need to initiate a transaction as they will be provided with enough resources to continue with their creativity but later on, as they progress in the game, their help will be limited to some basic variations of Brix and the game demands to draw Special Brix which is a gamble in itself restricting the flow of imagination.

Final Verdict

After assessing all the major pillars of this game, from our review perspective, we can confidently say that BRIXITY is a great leisure game with a genuine narrative and lively art style. It has an impressive aesthetic with modern amenities and control techniques to operate the basic foundations.

However, layers of currency systems and exhausting energy make it a little tiring for the players to freely enjoy their creativity. By degrees, BRIXITY proves to be a cute and fun miniature with tons of opportunities to be innovative and if the players are ready for some grinding and are inclined towards progress, the gameplay will surely entertain them.

BRIXITY review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 7.5
Storyline - 8
Graphics and Music - 8.5
Controls and UI - 8
Free-to-Play Elements - 7.5



BRIXITY is a great leisure game with a genuine narrative and lively art style. It has an impressive aesthetic with modern amenities and control techniques to operate the basic foundations.

That’s all from us for the Brixity Review! Did you find the Brixity Review Helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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