BTS Universe Story review: An entertaining experience for the band’s fans

Is the game worth a try for non BTS fans?

To be frank, BTS Universe Story wasn’t at all what we and many other players quite expected. When the cheery intro video gave way to a promising prologue in which the different members of K-pop band BTS met tragic ends. These ends were either by suicide, fire, imprisonment and getting locked up in a psychiatric ward. We had to rewatch it, again and again, to make sure it didn’t drive us crazy. Here we dive into other aspects of the Simulation game in this BTS Universe Story Review.

Netmarble delivers an unexpected tragic plot

Netmarble is known to excel at open-world genres and strategic games. However, what possessed Netmarble to write such a deeply tragic plot is beyond us, and we can only imagine that it’s going to traumatize the younger members of the enormous BTS fan base.

BTS Universe Story Review

Most especially when you consider that it draws inspiration from the likes of Groundhog Day, and Majora’s Mask, with you having to repeatedly watch your favorite member die a tragic death that’s kind of your fault because you made a single wrong decision.

Players get to make their own choices and determine the ending

The game grants players the liberty to choose their own adventure, in that aspect it is similar to the likes of Life is Strange, 1979 Revolution, or the Telltale games.

BTS Universe Story Review

It plays out as a series of cutscenes that occasionally provide you with a decision to make. If you choose the right decisions, and you get a good ending, in which everything magically works out. But choosing the wrong one, however, then you’re going to have to watch the horrific events play out time and time again.

BTS Universe offers a tie-in massive K-pop boyband

The game just goes way beyond what you can expect of an average mobile game delivering a massive K-pop boyband experience. I couldn’t hold back my positive commendations in that aspect.

Netmarble made sure that what could have been a simple piece of fan-service is actually an adventure that anyone can enjoy, due to the sheer silliness it brings. From the almost post-apocalyptic plot to the excellent visuals, there’s just a bunch of stuff to love in the game.

There were times when I thought the BTS Universe Story was an enormous joke, and many of that came from the writing process itself. Sometimes it’s just so bizarre that it became almost impossible to imagine anyone writing the game with serious intentions.

Player progress is tied to creator’s rank, and story mode is really easy

Putting together your own story is simple enough, with a really straightforward interface that players of all ages can use. Similarly, playing another story is really easy, with a nice list to scroll through. You’ll need a ticket to actually play another player’s episode, but these are relatively cheap, and you can come across plenty of them by playing for free.

Your progression is tied to your ‘Creator Rank’, which increases as your stories receive views and likes, just like in the real world of influencers. You’re going to be hard-pressed to create stories as awe-inducing as the main batch though, so be aware of that.

BTS Universe Story Review: Final Verdict

We can’t help but recommend BTS Universe Story to literally everyone. It’s not often that you come across something so compellingly, and we can’t encourage you enough to download it just to experience the main story.

However, the story creation tool is so easy to use that you may end up sticking around to create your own, increasing your Creator Rank in the process. Just do yourself a favor and grab it right now on the respective App stores. You’re in for quite an adventure.

What are your opinions on BTS Universe Story and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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