Champions Legion 5v5 MOBA: The best Mobile Legends alternative

Looking for a new MOBA ?

Champions Legion is a new 5V5 MOBA game that is available for Android. It’s a free-to-play game. This game offers you a variety of heroes to play, intense fast-paced team fights, real-time PvP. Its right now in Beta stage, still this game is now quite popular among gamers. This article will focus on the review of Champions Legion and other key features that are found in-game. Now without further ado let’s discuss some important points about this game.


Like any other MOBA games, this game will also provide you a big Jungle map which is divided into three lanes:

  • Middle lane
  • Top lane
  • Bot lane

Each lanes are set up with three turrets:

  • Outer turret
  • Mid turret
  • Inner turret
Champions Legion

Choose your hero first then your goal is to destroy all three turrets in any one lane before you can reach the enemies. Core and destroy it to win the match. But destroying enemy turrets or Core is not so easy job to do. In order to destroy enemies’ Core, you have to kill enemies with your allies, farming and in that meantime upgrade yourself to max level.

Champions Legion has a wide variety of heroes to choose from

This is the best part about any MOBA game, you will never get bored by picking the same hero role/character time and again. This game will provide you with a quality no of heroes so every time, you are free to choose any hero role or various characters between them. This game contains 6 types of Hero Role and a total of 29 different heroes in 6 categories ( Tank, Fighter, Mage, Marksman, Assassin, Support ). You can choose any Hero role.

Now if you picked according to your team-need then you can dominate the battlefield easily. If you lose, don’t just stuck in one hero explore the other heroes then you will know what role or character really suits you. Many more heroes will come definitely in future updates. Additionally, you can use Quartz to buy new heroes from the shop.

The game has a brand new Pet system

Among all MOBA games, Champions Legion is the 1st type of MOBA game that will let you play with a pet in-game. First of all, all the pets are really cute and they provide your heroes with a unique ability on the battlefield. These pets are very essential in the battlefield.

A cute little animal will pop up to your main game screen. You will obtain an egg after your very first game and then hatch it to get your partner. Basically, we got five types of partners in this game, each partner got his own different abilities. Its like emblem set up but its a bit tricky, you have to setup beads and talent points in order to trigger pets’ ability; because of this new pet feature, this is a unique MOBA.

Champions Legion provides Graphics support for low-end devices

We all know that MOBA game files take a mass space in your phone, so a number of people who are using low specification phones they can not enjoy MOBA at high fps, or they may face lag issue in their games. This time Champions legion developers bought us to a brand new MOBA gaming experience that can run smooth even in 2GB RAM phones. The game requires only 200 MB space on your phone, therefore it works smoothly on both flagship and lower-end devices.

While playing this game you will experience a stunning clean graphics of the battlefield even if your phone is running on low specs. Bush, flowers, pets, jungle creeps are very well portrayed in-game. 

The gameplay is too lenient at the initial stages

Attack toggle buttons are too small to press, you may face real-time problem in front of the enemy. This game is full of bots and novice players at lower levels. On the other hand, Assassins are too overpowered in all stages of the game. Gaining experience is very easy which is not really expected for a MOBA

You may face a game lag issue if your mic & speakers are on. Offers only classic mode as it’s the only mode. All heroes only with three skill cast ability. (more skill cast ability means more intense gameplay)

Final Thoughts

It’s a very crucial time for mobile MOBAs, after banning Mobile Legends in Indian servers lots of players didn’t play MOBA anymore or they just shifted in different games. So now all other MOBA games developers trying to milk it by launching different types of MOBA games on mobile platforms. In our opinion, from our review experience Champions Legion a good MOBA to play in your device, and since it’s in the early beta stage so lots of changes and updates will come which will definitely enhance your experience.

Did you find this Champions Legion review useful? If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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Soumik ghosh

Yes, it’s a very good game..
Avijit kundu you write very well. ❤️
Your writing makes our games much easier to play.. 👏

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