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DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE Review: Engage with the iconic anime in a new format

Explore the Magical World of DanMachi!

The new DanMachi game is Aiming Inc.’s latest mobile game adaptation of the popular anime and light novel series “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”. It’s a 3D real-time combat RPG that blends fantasy, adventure, and romance, alongside some Gacha elements. DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE is set in the city of Orario, where gods, monsters, and adventurers coexist. The series’ unique concept of leveling up through battling monsters in the mysterious Dungeon is a standout feature. It’s a whole new way to enjoy the world of DanMachi. In this review, we aim to showcase the standout features of DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE and provide an unbiased rating.

Play with the iconic characters from the DanMachi universe

Starting off with the review, DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE distinguishes itself from other mobile RPGs with its real-time combat system. You’ll assemble a team of Adventurers, each with their elemental affinities and roles. The ability to switch between Adventurer characters during battles is a great addition for players to have flexibility in their teams. Additionally, the inclusion of Assist Characters further enhances tactical options.

DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE Beginners Guide Gameplay
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The Scene Cards, acquired through the Gacha system, provide an extra layer of customization by granting passive abilities and stat boosts to your characters. The variety of characters, elements, and roles encourages experimentation to find the most effective team composition.

In short, DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE stands out in the mobile RPG world with its real-time combat system, team-building mechanics, and ability to switch characters during battles. Including Adventurers, Assists, and Scene Cards obtained through the Gacha system further enhances gameplay, allowing for customization and experimentation to find the best team setups. These features make DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE a unique and engaging mobile RPG experience.

Complete the immersive Storyline quests with your favorite characters

For fans of anime and light novels, DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE is a great game to play. It goes above and beyond to recreate the beloved storyline of the original series faithfully. Players have the unique opportunity to experience the enchanting DanMachi universe they know and love.

The Story Quest mode serves as an immersive gateway for players to follow the narrative and actively participate in it. By playing through Story Quests, you get to experience the story as if you were part of the anime, making it an exceptional complement to the source material. This model is a nostalgic journey for existing fans and a captivating introduction for newcomers, ensuring that everyone can savor the rich storytelling that DanMachi is known for.

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In summary, from our review perspective, DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE excels in pleasing fans of the anime and light novels by faithfully recreating the beloved storyline and letting players relive key moments in the captivating DanMachi universe. The Story Quest mode is a standout feature, providing an immersive way to experience the narrative, and making it a great addition for both existing fans and newcomers to enjoy the rich storytelling that DanMachi is known for.

The game offers a variety of game modes to play through

DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE offers a variety of game modes for players to enjoy. Story Quests let you follow the main storyline and explore the DanMachi world. Training Mode helps newcomers learn the game, making it easier to dive into challenging battles. These modes make the game accessible and engaging for both fans and newcomers.

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Arena Mode

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Additionally, Daily Quests provide players with valuable rewards that help improve their teams and progress in the game. These quests promote a sense of achievement and encourage players to play daily. The PvP Mode offers dynamic and competitive real-time battles against players worldwide, emphasizing strategic team-building and quick decision-making. Rewards like in-game currency and items make PvP an essential part of the game’s advancement. Finally, the Guild System, called Familia, fosters a sense of community and collaboration, allowing players to interact, work together on quests, and pursue common goals. This social aspect enhances the gaming experience and builds connections among fans, creating an active and engaging gaming community. These diverse game modes combine to make DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE a well-rounded and captivating gaming experience.

DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE offers vibrant graphics along with soothing music

DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE captivates players with its visually stunning 3D design, seamlessly bringing the anime’s essence into the gaming world. Characters are designed to showcase the original anime design, while the game’s environments, with the streets of Orario or the mysterious dungeons, are alive with vibrant detail.

Image via Aiming Inc.

In terms of audio, the background music is more than just a backdrop; it’s a vital component that enhances the gaming atmosphere. It strikes a perfect balance between intensity during battles and nostalgia for fans of the series, creating a harmonious blend that immerses players deeply in the game.

The familiar tunes from the anime forge a powerful connection, making each moment in DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE an enthralling audiovisual experience, firmly rooting players in the enchanting universe of the game. The game’s captivating visuals and immersive audio combine to bring the DanMachi universe to life beautifully. The attention to detail in both graphics and sound makes it an outstanding and enjoyable experience for anime fans.

Experience a user-friendly UI and tactile control system

DanMachi Battle Chronicle offers a user-friendly interface with an intuitive main menu, providing easy access to game modes, character management, and in-game purchases. The character management system stands out for its efficiency in team formation and equipment management, thanks to neatly organized menus for characters and items. Visual icons and clear text descriptions enhance the understanding of game mechanics, ensuring accessibility for players of all levels of experience.

Image via Aiming Inc.

In terms of controls, DanMachi Battle Chronicle excels with its responsive and engaging real-time combat system. The touch-based controls are user-friendly, featuring simple taps for basic attacks and special abilities. These controls remain effective even in high-intensity battles, accommodating both casual players seeking simplicity and seasoned gamers looking for more intricate tactics. The game strikes a fine balance between accessibility and depth in its control scheme.

Overall, DanMachi Battle Chronicle offers a user-friendly UI and intuitive controls that enhance the gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to mobile RPGs, the game’s interface and controls are designed to make your journey through the DanMachi universe smooth and enjoyable.

The in-game Gacha system appeals to collectors more than the casual

In DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE, you can use the Gacha system to acquire new Adventurers, Assists, and more powerful Scene Cards. To do this, you’ll need Gacha Tickets and Selas as in-game currency, which can be earned through gameplay or purchased with real money.

DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE offers a variety of Gacha systems, each with its own unique rewards. Whether it’s acquiring a new Adventurer, Assist, or Scene Card, the game provides players with multiple avenues to expand their collection. This diversity enables players to try their luck in different Gacha categories, enhancing their gaming experience.

Image via Aiming Inc.

Like many Gacha systems, DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE uses luck to decide what players get as rewards. It’s important to think about how often you get rare and valuable items. Games that find the right balance between giving good rewards and keeping the game challenging tend to make players happier.

In summary, DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE’s Gacha system is similar to most popular Gacha games nowadays. It offers different ways to get rewards, fair rates, reasonable in-game purchases, and special events that keep players engaged. However, it’s crucial for the game to keep a fair progression system to make sure that the Gacha doesn’t become too important. Overall, the Gacha mechanics in DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE make the game more appealing to collectors and fans.

Comparison with other existing DanMachi Games

DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE offers a refreshing departure from the traditional turn-based RPG formula seen in DanMachi – MEMORIA FREESE. It immerses players in real-time combat, enabling them to assemble teams of adventurers and engage in action-packed battles. BATTLE CHRONICLE leans towards mobile accessibility, offering a diverse range of game modes such as Story Quests, Training, and PvP Arena, making it suitable for short gaming sessions on the go.

However, it may not be as appealing to players who prefer the strategic depth of turn-based combat. On the other hand, DanMachi Memoria Freese caters to fans of traditional turn-based RPGs with its Gacha-based character summoning system and guild interactions. It follows a more familiar format where players collect characters, build teams, and engage in strategic battles.

Image via Aiming Inc.

The game boasts a rich selection of characters from the DanMachi series and provides various in-game events and social features through guilds. While it offers a more methodical and strategic approach to gameplay, it may not offer the same level of fast-paced action as BATTLE CHRONICLE. In conclusion, the choice between DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE and DanMachi – MEMORIA FREESE largely depends on individual gameplay preferences.

BATTLE CHRONICLE stands out for its real-time action and accessibility, appealing to players who enjoy action-oriented gaming on mobile devices. On the other hand, MEMORIA FREESE caters to those who favor turn-based RPGs, offering a deeper level of strategy and character collection. Both games provide distinct experiences within the DanMachi universe, allowing players to choose the style that resonates most with their gaming preferences.

Final Verdict

In conclusion from our review perspective, DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE is a captivating mobile game that immerses players in the enchanting world of DanMachi with its real-time combat, diverse character lineup, and engaging gameplay modes. Whether you’re a fan of the anime or new to the series, the game offers an accessible and action-packed experience.

With its faithful adherence to the source material and the inclusion of Gacha mechanics, it provides an opportunity for players to collect and build their dream teams of adventurers. The game’s blend of action, strategy, and accessibility makes it a compelling choice for those seeking adventure in the world of DanMachi.

DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE Review by GamingonPhone

Gameplay Mechanics - 9
Storyline - 8
Graphics and Music - 8
Controls and UI - 7.5
Free-to-Play Elements - 7.5



In summary, from our review perspective, DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE excels in pleasing fans of the anime and light novels by faithfully recreating the beloved storyline and letting players relive key moments in the captivating DanMachi universe.

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