Forza Customs – Restore Cars Review: Customization in a match-3 style is no fun

Design the car, but no racing!

Forza Customs is the latest game from Hutch, the well-known car-focused mobile game developer behind hits like F1 Clash and Top Drives. Well, this isn’t your usual car customization game, here you will have to play some interesting match-3 puzzles and then collect the resources for the upgrades. Although Hutch Games do land some great games, finding the perfect game amidst the plethora of mixed opinions surrounding the new game is kind of tough. Many players are eager to determine if it’s truly worth playing. So, to avoid the debates, we aim to offer a comprehensive review of the latest iteration of Forza Customs – Restore Cars.

Stay away if you are a fan of full-fledged customization

Kicking things off, Chrome Valley Customs is a pretty solid game, and now we’ve got another player in the ring with Forza Customs – Restore Cars, keeping that same vibe. But here’s the twist – it leans more toward being a puzzle game than a full-blown car customization fest. The graphics are on point, giving off great details and shadows, which is always a plus.

Forza Customs gameplay
Image via Hutch Games

Now, the game offers you a handful of choices for customization, giving you that sweet feeling of control over your car creations. I’m all about the modding aspect; it’s like being a virtual car artist. While the concept is cool, the heavy reliance on puzzles and the somewhat limited customization options left me wanting more excitement. Maybe if you’re all about the brain-teasing challenges, it could be your jam.

Game modes, what are they even

Let’s talk customization. Sure, you get choices, but it feels like you’re unlocking them through a puzzle marathon. And the story? Well, some might say it’s a bit of a time-waster, I’m not sure what these VN-styled characters are here for. The puzzles themselves? Honestly, it got repetitive for me, doing the same levels over and over, just crossing my fingers for that stroke of luck. The levels aren’t exciting either.

Forza Customs gameplay 2
Image via Hutch Games

Some blasters are fun to watch like the animations are well done when you make that move. But, and it’s a bit of a big but, it would’ve been so much cooler if we could actually take these customized rides for a spin, right? Instead, we find ourselves tackling puzzles to level up. Not exactly what you’d expect, especially when you’re itching for some high-speed action. But for me, the lack of that thrill from racing made it a pass.

Great user experience with a clean interface and music

Okay, I guess enough bashing, right? Let me jump to the positives. Personally, I had a fantastic user experience with this game, thanks to its clean interface and well-executed music. The UI is impressively responsive, and the haptic feedback, whether navigating through menus or tackling puzzles, adds a delightful touch. The music, in my opinion, is more than decent, it sets a great vibe when playing in the background.

The in-app purchases are cleverly placed

Forza Customs in-app purchases
Image via Hutch Games

Why on earth do they throw in these in-app purchases for this game? It didn’t click initially, but as I progressed through the levels, the lightbulb moment hit me. Those puzzles become downright impossible after a certain point, and it is like they’re nudging you to shell out for points. Yeah very clever. The only good side is there are no ads.

Final Verdict

Overall, you might have understood where this review was heading by reading the first two lines, and if you haven’t guessed it right, let me spill the beans: this game just doesn’t cut it. I’m a huge Hutch Games fan, and they usually nail the art of crafting simple yet insanely cool games. However, this attempt at merging two genres into one? Not my cup of tea. They might want to reconsider that approach.

The game could have been significantly better if customization were user-selected instead of being forced to do so, and if it didn’t come bundled with a puzzle system. While personal preferences may vary, as a fan of car garage and customization games, this one was undoubtedly a letdown for me.

Forza Customs Review by GamingonPhone

Gameplay Mechanics - 6.5
Gamemodes - 5
Graphics and Music - 8
Controls and UI - 7.5
Free-to-Play Elements - 6.5



A decent game at most. No freedom for customization leaves a lot to be desired if you are a fan of the genre.

That’s all from us for the Forza Customs Review! Did you find Forza Customs Review helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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