Guns Up! Mobile review: Experience the strategy based Playstation classic on mobile

No more time to waste, Commander. Get ready for the fight!

Guns Up! Mobile is a free-to-play PvP strategy game that originally launched on the PlayStation 4 and actually followed something of a mobile game formula, something that helped it gain a lot of popularity. It’s unlike the extremely intense, competitive, and adrenaline-pumping games that dominate gaming but instead, have a more casual and laid-back vibe to it. Despite this, it’s still insanely fun and we’ll be delving deeper into the game in this Guns Up Mobile review and share our first impressions.

The game definitely feels like a well-designed and polished game and to some extent, the gameplay is similar to that of a game like Clash of Clans to some extent and anyone who liked Clash of Clans will definitely like this game. It’s also got that base defense/ attack sort of gameplay but adds its own look and feel to it.

Guns Up! Mobile follows an identical gameplay style

Starting off with the Guns Up Mobile review, the basic gameplay revolves around taking down bases or defending and upgrading your own base and troops. It’s all about strategy and the right use of power to get through and win your battles. It’s easy to understand how things work but to become good at it takes a little bit of time but it’s not really the best game out there when it comes to skill requirements. Again, it’s pretty easy to draw parallels to Clash of Clans. The game is a PvP title so you go up against other players but there are single-player modes as well.

guns up loadout gameplay

You manage the resources you have and have to take good care of your base and troops since as you progress, the game will definitely get harder. When you go to attack, you take your troops into action and have to successfully take down the enemy base with the help of a few special attacks here and there.

Build an army, send your troops into battle and support your soldiers

When you’re defending against an attack, you have to position and deploy your troops the right way to cut down your losses and enemies. Attacks can happen when you aren’t online too so it’s best to set everything up before you log off. There are different classes of fighters that will form up your troops ranging from basic infantrymen to grenadiers and everything in between and the special attacks/defenses include smoke grenades and airstrikes that can annihilate and disorient your enemies. Players can also work together with their friends to form Alliances and do better together but mow down anyone who isn’t on your side if you’re strong enough.

community challenges guns up gameplay

There’s a bunch of gameplay options including Defend and Zombies with a bunch more coming soon. We did come across a few bugs though that interrupt gameplay and hopefully, those will be worked on and fixed soon. These included special attacks not working as they’re supposed to.

Overall, the game is really enjoyable. One of the things that do take some time is leveling up stuff and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it might be a minor inconvenience at times. You will definitely have to put in some effort to grow and get better in the game.

The game offers vibrant graphics and easy controls

Guns Up! has really cartoonish war-themed graphics but they look quite cool, fun, and casual. Similarly, the audio effects are also well done and follow the cartoonish theme. The game looks pretty much at par with any other modern game.

In terms of controls, the developers have done pretty well, especially considering this is a Console/PC port and everything works just fine. The UI does take some getting used to though and there’s a lot to explore.

guns up gameplay building

Zero ads and In-App purchases are not your enemy

The game doesn’t have any annoying, pesky ads and that’s a really good feature indeed. The game is really free-to-play friendly too and you really don’t have to spend for a better experience. So it indeed doesn’t have any major pay-to-win elements, however, you can progress a little faster through the game if you have some money to spend.

Final Verdict

Guns Up! Mobile definitely did excite players when it was announced and it definitely has lived up to the hype. The gameplay and overall theme really work well on mobile and earlier, proved that even Consoles could use more of these. It’s one of those games which you just take out anywhere, anytime, and engage in a few battles then walk away.

However, that’s where a problem pops up and it really only feels like a problem when you look at it a particular way. The game can only really be played in short bursts instead of longer durations of time because at some point in time it really does slow down and there isn’t as much engagement. So yes, the game is better suited for short gaming sessions. That being said, the game is definitely worth a try, especially for fans of the strategy genre.

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