Guns Up! Mobile Beginners Guide and Tips

The world is at war, and it is up to you to rise up and lead us to VICTORY!

Guns Up! Mobile is a mobile port of a game that was previously available on the PlayStation 4. It retains the same PvP mechanics, with you deploying various units to attempt to eliminate your opponents. This game is a hybrid of real-time strategy and base defense. It’s an online PvP strategy game where players can construct and upgrade their defenses before sending their army into battle to wreak havoc on other players. The game provides a plethora of options. If you’re not into PvP, there are various single-player challenges available, such as escaping military prisons and battling raging zombie hoarders. Above all, If you’re new to this game, we’ve compiled a guide of essential beginners tips that will come in handy as you progress through the Guns Up Mobile.

Gameplay Overview

Guns Up! Mobile is a multiplayer online strategy game that adds a new dimension to Tower Defense battles. Create an army, send troops into battle, and provide support for your soldiers. This game features a micro storyline that adds some flavor to the experience. At first, you’re in charge of a truck loaded with troops.

While you are in training mode, it will feel as if you are in a real battle. You will need to provide reinforcements for your tank that is under attack by enemy troops. Above your resources is a health bar that will gradually deplete as your enemies attack. Attempt to defeat them before you are annihilated.

Guns Up! Mobile gameplay overview
Guns Up! Mobile gameplay overview

Additionally, you have access to the tank in training mode, which is a destroyer, and you will learn that each vehicle has a unique ability. As quickly as possible, destroy the enemy base to earn stars and progress. Players must compete in asynchronous multiplayer battles in which attackers face off against the defenses of other players. You must bring your best soldiers, devise your own battle strategies, and establish complete dominance over the battlefield. You are about to receive the spoils of war. Also, one can increase the size of the roster by recruiting new Soldier classes. Further, players can upgrade and customize their armies as they collect loot during battles.

Guns Up Mobile Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1 Building your Base

Players must plan, expand, and upgrade their bases in order to develop a highly effective defense against attackers and safeguard their most valuable resources. View replays of your adversary’s attacks and adjusts your defense strategy accordingly to create the ultimate base defense. The primary goal of base construction is, of course, to keep your base safe, which becomes increasingly difficult as you progress further into the game.

base building
Base building

Traps, walls, and short-range defenses, as well as sandbags/barricades for your troops to hide behind, are the first step in base construction. Machineguns are the next line of defense; these defenses can be a nasty surprise for your adversary’s troops.

2. Gathering more Resources

Gold, Munitions, and Fuel are all resources that can be used to strengthen your army and defenses. You obtain resources through the use of Generators and by raiding enemy bases. Above all, the store offers additional resources. Remember, Valor is a valuable resource in the game, and it can be used to upgrade your units’ Equipment Slots.


There are no difficult items to locate in the game. As an added bonus, you have special weapons too. These will assist you in easily and quickly destroying and taking over enemy troops. Rockets, airstrikes, and bombs are just a few of the special weapons available for quick victories. There are various waves, and these weapons and troop management skills will be necessary for you to pass through them. Thus, try to gather as many resources as possible in the game and utilize them in the best possible manner.

3. Strategize your victory

This game operates under the premise of Limited Energy Spawn. You have a limited amount of energy that recharges daily, and you may spawn as many troops as you like as long as your energy does not run out.

At the start, you will have three types of troops: assault rifle troops, rocket launcher troops, and shotgun troops. These have been assigned specific weapons that deal varying degrees of damage. However, each consumes a different amount of energy.

game strategy
Game strategy

The more powerful your resource, the more energy it will consume during the spawning process. Choose the enemy base you wish to destroy, the troops you want to attack, and then confirm your victory with a full three-star reward. Increase the level of your command center to quickly progress through the game and unlock new game modes. Thus, the moral is to remember which troops to choose and to conserve your energy.

4. Inventory in Guns Up! Mobile

Guns Up! Mobile inventory
Guns Up! Mobile inventory

Your army’s battle capability is contingent upon five critical components: units, equipment, vehicles, materials, and commander capabilities (CAs). Inventory allows you to manage/browse them all. The frame colors that appear in your Inventory and on the trials in battle and crate rewards screens indicate the rarity of an item. The more rare an item, the more difficult it is to obtain.

5. Upgrade your Outpost


The Outpost serves as your final line of defense against invading forces. You have the ability to specify which unit will spawn from the structure. By upgrading the Outpost, you gain access to new excellent structures and increase the number of structures that can be placed. Above all, upgrading your Outpost increases the area available for defense construction. More space allows for the construction of additional structures

How to use Gold, Fuel and Munitions in Guns Up! Mobile

Gold, Munitions, and Fuel are the bedrock upon which your army is built. These resources are required for all game upgrades and are the only ones that, if not adequately protected, can be stolen by other players via Raids.

Guns Up! Mobile resources
Guns Up! Mobile resources
  • Gold – Used to upgrade headquarters and defensive structures, as well as to exchange for items or shards in the store’s Daily Shop section (primarily defensive power and resource exchange)
  • Fuel – It is heavily utilized in the deployment of vehicles during battles.
  • Munitions – It is used to upgrade Headquarters and Inventory items (mostly attack power).

The Gold Mine, Munitions Factory, and Oil Refinery are all actively producing these resources in the HQ. Gold and Munitions can also be obtained by raiding other players’ bases, or to a lesser extent, by completing Quests, engaging in PvE, and participating in Timed Events.

Other miscellaneous tips

  • Do not use too many sandbags; your defending army will be stuck in base, and nothing will keep the enemy from struggling long enough for new waves of your troops to enter the battlefield. Do not use obstacles such as sandbags randomly just because they are cheap and look fabulous. They are very strategic dependant.
  • Use mines to take out powerful troops in their walking path before they ever reach you. Putting down a mine randomly will make it useless as you won’t have any control over who steps on it, and it might as well be a normal soldier, so always wait till you see a minigunner, group of medics, bazooka guy etc. and place it about 5 seconds away in his direct pathing.
  • Add new Soldier classes to your roster by recruiting new troops. As you collect loot from battles, you can upgrade and customize your army. Utilize strategy to keep your soldiers alive, assist them in becoming veterans, and strengthen your ability to defend against future attacks and defences.
  • New equipment slots can be unlocked when units reach certain levels. Once the new equipment is available, use Valor to open it for the relevant unit permanently.


The game is extremely expansive in terms of exploration and new content, and listing everything here would be impossible. It’s one of the most excellent strategy games available. Guns Up! Mobile is a PvP strategy game with some interesting ideas that are based on a long-running PlayStation game. It combines elements of strategy, tower defense, and other gizmos to create a fairly unique free-to-play battler.

Essentially, it is a side-scrolling tower defense/offense game with various troops that can be dropped into battle to assist you. It features an excellent progression system that will keep you playing as you progress through the levels. You can eventually join an alliance, another feature borrowed from games like Clash of Clans. This enables you to team up with friends and attempt to conquer entire regions. Last but not least, players can refer to this Guns Up Mobile beginners guide at any time to learn the basics and progress much faster in the game.

That’s all for today’s Guns Up! Mobile beginners guide. Did you find our Guns Up Mobile beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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