MergeCrafter review: Solve puzzles and merge items in the lands of Runaria

Tap, Drag, Merge & Build!

Mergecrafter is a puzzle merge game that draws out a lot of inspiration from another very popular title, that is, Minecraft. Right from the name to the main gameplay elements, if you played Minecraft, you won’t be able to unsee how the game is just a blatant copy. Now that’s certainly isn’t a good thing… But perhaps the gameplay is structured in a way where players can be entertained. In this Mergecrafter review, that’s what the big question is.

Merge items, craft pickaxes, and mine ores in a Minecraft-esque setting

Starting off with the Mergecrafter review, comparing this game to Minecraft, where it draws a lot of inspiration from, there definitely are some differences. The first one is the way players view the world around them. In Minecraft, there’s proper 3D graphics but MergeCrafter is a strong contrast to that. The world is noticeably similar but closer to 2D visuals with a top-down view.

minecraft mergecrafter gameplay
MergeCrafter gameplay

The core mechanics at times resembles Mojang’s title but the game is mostly about merging together things that are identical with each other to get something higher in value and more useful. Think 1+1+1=3 but the ones are replaced by seeds and the result (3 here) is a plant. Then merge three plants to get a tree and then chop it down with an axe. Create an axe with other materials you get and the crafting system is also pretty similar to Minecraft with the iconic three-by-three grids.

Players can create axes, pickaxes, essential items like anvils and furnaces, storage spaces, resource generators, potions, and a bunch of other stuff. The world in the game also looks like a top-down view of a Minecraft version with the same biomes and visuals. Albeit less visually appealing. Also while players start out rather simple, the game goes deeper with its map and space for creativity.

mergecrafter crafting
Crafting in MergeCrafter

The game is kind of like a candy crush type game but every time you put three similar things in a certain pattern, instead of them all popping into nothing, a new item is created. The game also has special items you can use to help you progress through easier.

Easy and simple controls but comes with unimpressive visuals and music

The visuals are pretty similar to Minecraft but… Not too bad is the way to describe them best. They’re honestly nothing to write home about and the same can be said for the audio and the soundtrack (which is downright disappointing when compared to C418’s work on the Minecraft soundtrack).

Another thing that looks awful in the background when you’re in the main world. It probably is meant to make the world look like it’s up in the sky but it actually looks like it’s a really poorly edited .jpg file set in as a background. There’s not much to the controls since the game majorly points and click while the UI is pretty simple and easy to get used to.

MergeCrafter Beginners Guide

Don’t go behind crafting IAPs, stick to your trees and axes

The game doesn’t have ads which as usual is pretty cool but it does have In-App Purchases. And to be completely honest, if you’re making in-app purchases here, you should probably save your money and buy Minecraft. Except for a few, most purchases are actually costlier than the game’s pricing on the Play Store itself! So if for whatever reason you feel the need to buy something in-game, you can do so and speed up progress.

Final Verdict

Where the inspiration for MergeCrafter comes from is clear. This is the case for a bunch of other popular games and as soon as something rises through the charts and gains fame, there are other games that are created to piggyback off that popularity. MergeCrafter isn’t completely unplayable because it copies Minecraft.

In fact and to be completely honest, it can keep you occupied for a while and if one was to look at the bright side, it’s a new look at the game with the difference in gameplay but on the other hand, it’s more of a project driven by lack of imagination in some elements. The publisher, Fiveamp has another game called PickCrafter which is an idle mining game again heavily inspired by Minecraft.

That being said, MergeCrafter isn’t a bad game and can entertain players with its different gameplay styles. Especially for fans of match 3 and similar game genres. Again the game does go deeper into the mechanics and gameplay as one progresses. Keeping similarities to another game aside, MergeCrafter is a pretty decent and playable game.

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