Motorsport Rivals Review: Experience F1 racing from a different perspective

Utilize the cards to your advantage!

Motorsport Rivals is a new multiplayer racing game brought to you by Playsport Games which offers a unique F1-themed experience. The game offers many tournaments, races, and clan-based events for players to take part in, this helps to keep the players engaged and allows developers to add new content on a regular basis. In this Motorsport Rivals Review, we will try to highlight key features of the game and rate it fairly.

Motorsport Rivals does not offer the traditional racing gameplay

To kick off our Motorsport Rivals Review we would like to start it with the gameplay on offer. One thing which makes the game different from the rest of the titles available in the market is the gameplay that it offers.

Now this is not necessarily the decisive point of comparison as a lot depends upon the person who is playing but it still can make a difference. The game, Motorsport Rivals makes use of a luck-based random powerup card generator which gives different boosts to the players depending on the card pulled.

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There are different numbers and types of powers in the game which the players can make use of and combine in the spins to get better boosts in the game, this keeps the race interesting to a certain extent. However, if someone is a fan of racing games with actual controls in the gameplay then we will suggest staying away from this title as it does not offer anything as such.

Speaking from a general perspective the game offers a very limited and repetitive gameplay one which lacks in-depth and in-game features. There are certain different tournaments and competitions in place which tend to offer additional races and events but still the gameplay remains the same.

Lacks in providing different game modes due to its general game design

The game in general offers a very repetitive and standard gaming experience one which follows the same level and creative design. The gameplay as explained earlier fails to add diversity to the game which makes it appear even more repetitive. Apart from the gameplay when it comes to game modes the game again fails to deliver, there are different types of tournaments in place for the players to challenge themselves against real-time players but the gameplay in these tournaments remains the same.

Due to its lack of features and limited gameplay, the game fails to deliver on the creative front and fails to impress in terms of gameplay and game modes. Even in the standard game mode, there is a limited scope of participation for the players as the cars are controlled by AI and only the powerups can be controlled by players which are drawn randomly in the game.

Motorsport Rivals beginners guide, Motorsport Rivals
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There are three major cards in the game namely the skill card, the speed card, and the gift card. These three powerup cards form a major role in the game as the whole gameplay literally revolves around them. The skill card can help players increase their in-game level categorized by the name driver’s XP in the game.

The speed card is the major factor in winning the races as it helps to increase the speed of the character in the game. The gift card allows the players to send gifts to other members of the game and get some gifts back in return. Gifts can be either coins or experience points.

Compete with other players in tournaments around the globe

Despite the gameplay lacking depth and features there are different sets of game modes available for the players to experience, the developers have already added many in-game tournaments with each having different criteria to compete in. This promises to keep the players in the game engaged as it offers different challenges to test them against.

Motorsport Rivals beginners guide, Motorsport Rivals
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Tournaments in the game test the players’ abilities against different players from around the globe and allow them to compete against each other in order to compete and test their skills online. With each race completed, players earn driving bonus experience points which allows them to level up and unlock further more races and tournaments in the game.

Motorsport Rival lacks in the Graphics and Music department

The game alongside having shallow features in gameplay also has weak showings in the music and in-game sounds department, with there being repetitive sound effects in the game for most animations in the game. This fails to attract attention to the overall gameplay that the game offers and makes it appear a little bit vague after a couple of races as it becomes repetitive.

The graphics also fail to deliver a solid impact on the game as there is nothing too special about them. The game follows linear gameplay hence it becomes even more difficult for the game to showoff its abilities in the graphics department.

Motorsport Rivals beginners guide, Motorsport Rivals
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Sound and Music despite being overlooked many times, form up and constitute a great part of the gameplay along with the graphics of the game and make it engaging and captivating for players. In the game, Motorsport Rivals both graphics and sound effects lack tremendously and thus make it really hard for players to connect with it.

The game offers an average UI layout with no scope for controlling the game

The button layout of the game is decent, it does not feel choppy or laggy but there is no scope for players to control the cars while in a race. All they can do is draw for cards and the game automatically adjusts everything accordingly. This limits the scope of control that the players can have over the cars in the game.

The game promotes in-app purchases to level up faster

The game has plenty of in-app purchases which the players can make use of in the game to progress further quickly. There are purchases that can be made to purchase coins in the game which are required to fill up the energy bar in the game. The energy bar consists of individual energy units which are required to participate in individual races of tournaments in the game.

Motorsport Rivals beginners guide, Motorsport Rivals
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The game is free to play and the coins have other major use except to fill up the energy units. Energy replenishes itself over time as well hence there is no need really to go for in-app purchases and the game offers a fair for everyone opportunity to compete in the tournaments without providing an advantage to the ones with the purchases.

Final Verdict

Motorsport Rivals offers a very different perspective on the F1 racing genre and involves various different powerup cards all of which offer various perks. The game has different tournaments in place but still, all of them offer the same basic gameplay.

Players are advised to not expect the traditional racing experience as it offers no control over the cars except for drawing power cards. We hope that with our Motorsport Rivals Review, we were able to rate the game fair and square.

Motorsport Rivals Review by GamingonPhone

Gameplay Mechanics - 7
Graphics and Music - 6.5
Controls and UI - 7
Free-to-Play Elements - 7



Although Motorsport Rivals offers a very different perspective on F1 racing it just offers an average gaming experience devoid from creativity and uniqueness.

What are your thoughts on our Motorsport Rivals Review? Let us know in the comments below!

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