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Nexomon: Extinction review: Experience a classic monster-catching RPG

Uncover secrets and immerse yourself in the world of Nexomon

Nexomon: Extinction is a classic RPG-style game monster-catching game, quite similar to the classic Pokémon games except that it’s not really just a cheaper alternative or a ripoff but a really enjoyable RPG that really leaves no space for too many negative aspects. You play as a Nexomon Tamer as you start off on a long journey with your own Nexomon. Here in this article, we will review Nexomon: Extinction and share our first impressions of the game.

Explore a world teeming with Nexomon and trap as many as you can

Starting off with the Nexomon: Extinction review, the game is a lot of fun and there’s not a lot of complaints to be had with the gameplay. It’s a well-designed title that sort of takes the classic Pokémon game concept and builds upon it. Players must complete tasks and fight various other Nexomons to tame and collect them.

Nexomon: Extinction mobile

The game is an open-world title as well and the good thing is that it doesn’t force players to follow the main storyline as they can explore most of the world (except for key locations that can only be unlocked after completing a particular objective) and then resume the grinding and completions of tasks later on. A total of 381 Nexomons exist and it’s your (the tamer’s) job to collect all of them. The game isn’t too grindy and it’s not something players would get bored with.

Coming to the world design, the game is set in a beautiful world that has a lot of details and room for exploration, and different parts of the world look and feel unique. There’s a pretty decent story guiding the game while there’s a bunch of different characters with different and funny personalities. The entire story in fact is full of hilarious quips by characters and pretty nice references to all kinds of different things while there’s a bunch of pretty good twists and turns as well.

The game draws similarities from Pokémon but is unique in its own way

Also, another thing to note is that the game is a single-player title with really no pressure to log in daily so players are free to play it at their own pace. There aren’t any energy systems or any other annoying monetization systems either, so players can play for as long as they want. Players can also make use of the multiple save slots to start up a new game if they want to.

Nexomon Extinction buildings

One of the biggest talking points here is the game’s similarity to other Pokémon games. And honestly, the game’s creative ideas aren’t really all that original. The game does draw inspiration from and references a lot of Pokémons and other elements from the Pokémon IP. Again, this isn’t really a negative since the game is a really fun title overall but it’s just something to note.

Nexomon: Extinction comes with detailed graphics and a simple UI

The game looks pretty good with its visual style and there’s a lot of detail present in character design and small visual effects that make the experience a whole lot better. In terms of audio, there’s really nothing to complain about either and the soundtrack and audio effects are pretty decent and fit the game.

The controls are really standard and basic although they can be a little janky. Movement felt a little restrictive and the option to use a controller would have been a pretty nice feature. The game is also out on the Nintendo Switch and works with the Joycons on that version so a similar option for the mobile version would be great too.

nexomon graphics game review

The UI is simple and easy to get used to so no complaints there. One other improvement would be making the Menu, Open! and Shop icons a little smaller since they’re really prominent right now and take up quite a bit of space on the screen.

There aren’t any ads, but you need to pay to catch all Nexomons

While the game doesn’t have any ads, it does require you to pay to unlock the entire game beyond the first chapter. The full version of the game includes the complete world, all the 381 Nexomon, Cloud Saves, and more. There are about 30 hours of gameplay in total.

Final Verdict

From our review perspective Nexomon: Extinction has been positive so far and there’s really no reason to not try the game out, especially for RPG and Pokémon fans. It’s packed with really enjoyable content and if players like the game, they can purchase the full version since it’s worth the money.

There’s a lot of stuff in the game that players can do and since it doesn’t have energy systems, too much grinding, or any other such negative elements that RPGs at times have, a good experience is pretty much guaranteed. The controls were really the only issue and they weren’t really too bad they just could use some polishing. Overall, this is a really good classic-styled RPG game that is worth a try.

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