Ninja Must Die review: Run, slice, and keep running

Join the quest to avenge the Ninjas

Ninjas have always been a prominent part of mainstream media for years now and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. However, not quite contrary to the flow Pandada Games adds a new piece to the collection of Ninja-related media termed Ninja Must Die, which definitely is something very known yet unique. Ninja Must Die boasts a beautiful art style in this blend of an action-oriented runner genre. On the surface, this seems like a precise step in the right direction, but how deep the precision run and how the game actually fares to the avid gamers will be something we’ll put at the center of our Ninja Must Die review.

Ninja Must Die offers a delicious dish well garnished

The storyline in these runners is considered a secondary element as a cherry on top however, in this game the Storyline looks to complement the gameplay pretty well with a basic but we’ll present a narrative thread and a commendable execution.

Image via Pandada Games

You’re a Ninja who’s about to be graduated which does fare well with the tutorial sections and upon returning to the Ninja village you discover that the village is attacked primarily by Samurai which forms the basic storyline of Ninja Must Die. The main attraction in the storyline is the art style and the occasional voice lines that you’ll hear at the start of a new chapter. Both of them are well-made and are pleasing to the senses.

Experience a unique touch on all the familiar gameplay troops

Ninja Must Die takes a familiar route in the runner segment and introduces a few new factors to spice things up. The aforementioned tweaks include a power move that recharges through collectibles and an attack that moves all the obstacles in the path however it needs to cool down every time after usage. However, the uniqueness mostly stems from the fluidity and the mix and match of Dodge moves and attack moves.

Ninja Must Die review, Ninja Must Die
Image via Pandada Games

The player has to avoid some obstacles on the way using Dodge, jump, and double jump moves along with mixing and matching the upper or downwards run when on a wire-like surface. On paper, these features sound like a lot but the variety in the story chapter definitely starts to wear out in the mid to end chapters and it becomes a little stale in variations.

The in-game art style oozes personality

The art style integrates with the fluidity of the game and the story pretty well and makes for an exclusive experience. The art style and personality infused in this game definitely shine the most and deserve the most praise. The color palate mainly consists of black and red with the occasional interruption from a few others however this makes the game a bit more gritty in terms of looks

Image via Pandada Games

The background environments around the story levels and the stages are filled with detailed handcrafted graphic that really makes a player appreciate the work and finish the levels in awe. The esthetic sometimes shakes up with occasional segments after boss fights.

Ninja finds it really hard to survive as the game goes online

As apparent with almost all of the mainstream mobile games, the online component is almost a must even in runners and this one isn’t any different either. However, the great presentation and the mesmerizing sound design didn’t seem enough to make the online component a stand-out element as this one is also similar to the range of gacha games available.

Ninja Must Die Game Cover
Image via Pandada Games

The online component of the game isn’t something to Marvel at however it isn’t inherently bad as there are some inspired additions such as the power to summon Dragon and fly above the level, however, at the core it contains the standard randomized pack opening and shops and quite a few weapons and characters to choose from.

The scrumptious atmosphere makes up for the rest

Ninja Must Die is a game that focuses quite a bit on the environments and little details that do make the overall presentation better. However, the aforementioned online aspect also gets its fair share of carefully curated environments which does make up for the run-of-the-mill online aspect. The sound design also helps to make different backgrounds more lively and brimming with personality which might be the only unique redemption for the online component.

Final Verdict

As apparent in this Ninja Must Die review, the presentation game boasts a lot of character and a story that does more than the job accompanied by some melodious tunes that don’t skip a bit to complement the atmosphere created by the scrumptious art style in a campaign that only falls short due to a lack of variety. The online aspect might be a bummer, which admittedly might be the aspect where you’ll spend most of your time is a bit lacking however, there’s a lot of fun to be had in this game.

Ninja Must Die review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 7.5
Graphics and Music - 8
Controls - 7.5
Online Components - 7



Ninja Must Die is an atmosphere rich action oriented runner that boasts a variety of weapons and an enjoyable story with a somewhat serviceable online component if atmosphere story and fluid gameplay is your gel then this might be an exciting addition to your gaming catalogue

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