Phrased Out review: Hangman with a twist of trivia

Solve trivia letter by letter to decode the answers

Phrased Out is a puzzle trivia game with the elements and environment of an RPG. The main game is based on the classic game called Hangman where a player gets a clue and has to fill in the blanks correctly with the answer. The game manages to mix different concepts pretty well and sets itself apart from other puzzle games pretty well with its aesthetics. There’s a lot of trivia questions from a bunch of different genres, a story underneath it all, and things like leaderboards. Here in this article, we will review Phrased Out and share our first impressions of the game.

Solve trivia puzzles and help out Beepboop

Starting off with the review, Phrased out introduces you to Beepboop, a robot who needs your help in getting back his chips. The game has a decent story with a mystery that you unravel once you reach the end so the core gameplay is based around it. As you start a journey with BeepBoop, you eventually come across the challenges you’ll constantly face. In order to pass through, you must correctly answer the trivia question based on the hint you’ve been given.

Phrased Out review

The story is pretty simple, it fits the game and there’s not a lot else you can ask for. One of the really cool things about this game is the genres you can choose. Sports, music, books, science, history, pop culture, movies, games, comics, random stuff… Makes it a lot more fun than just having random questions thrown at you.

Complete challenges with limited moves before your timer runs out

Like a game of hangman, you only have a limited amount of moves before you run out of chances and the game is over. You only have a limited amount of lives and you can’t regain them after a question, so that raises the bar and makes the game a little more tense. Time is also limited but there are a few resources you can use to try and continue on. There’s an option to extend the timer, fill in some of the letters or change the question. These are limited as well so use them wisely.

Now for the questions themselves, they’re not too hard. At times they might stump you completely but that’s often the case with trivia. You know some you don’t know some. It’s a cool learning experience. Another problem which comes up with games like these is the amount of questions. However this game has a decent cache of questions so there’s enough material so you won’t run out but it’s going to happen sooner or later and in that case hopefully more questions are added regularly. It’s a must for a game in this genre.

Upgrade yourself and move across the levels

Moving on, one of the things which could probably be added is difficulty levels. In playthroughs you’ll either get absolutely easy answers which you’ll breeze through or harder questions you might not happen to know. It’s not easy to sort out these questions but having more commonly known questions be a part of the journey in an easier mode and slightly harder questions in another mode might make it more comfortable for the players. Again it’s trivia so it really does depend on your own knowledge at the end of the day.

Phrased Out review

There’s a workshop where you can upgrade stuff like memory, buy things like the Check System (Which reveals a letter if you’re stuck), the Stopwatch (which stops the timer) and a bunch of other stuff to help you. It’s not cheap however, especially in the earlier stages so use these judiciously. There’s a leaderboard and you can see your stats as well, both being very helpful and cool elements.

Simple and detailed graphics with a clean, polished UI

The pixely graphics fit the game pretty well and there’s a lot of detail in the world you’ll see. The funky retro music sounds great and definitely worth vibing to. The audio effects when you click stuff is also pretty retro and overall the graphics and audio go together nicely.

The keys for the input keyboard are spaced out pretty well so there’s very little chance of misclicks and it looks really clean and same goes for the UI although it’ll take some time to understand how everything works.

Money cannot buy you knowledge nor wisdom

There are no intrusive ads which are really great. If you want to watch them for better rewards, you absolutely can and if you don’t, there are no sudden pop-ups or anything like that. Now you can buy stuff with real money and remove ads as well but considering the fact that victory relies on your knowledge, it’s really not leaning too much towards the pay-to-win side.

Final Verdict


According to our review, Phrased Out is a cute little brain-tickling game that any trivia fanatic should try out. The number of genres and questions make it a fun game while the story adds to the overall experience. Graphics and art style go together just fine and overall the game has a lot of reasons to play it and close to none if any at all to not try it out.

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