Rise of Cultures review: Experience an epic strategy game

Experience mankind’s history firsthand with Rise of Cultures

Rise of Cultures is a strategy game that revolves around developing your community and leading it through the ages (Quite literally). The game is from the same people who were behind Forge of Empires, another very popular strategy game. Here in this article, we will review Rise of Cultures and share our first impressions of the game.

Build epic cities and progress through ages

Starting off with the Rise of Cultures review, the gameplay was pretty fun and an engaging experience. The game introduces you to the basic mechanics and then lets you work around and explore to understand how stuff works and it basically revolves around setting up a well-fed and productive community that grows and evolves through the ages. These ages are basically the ages we humans ourselves have gone through before we reached here so you basically have to go through ages such as the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Minoan Era, Classic Greece, Early Rome, the Roman Empire, and so on. There are new ages also being worked on and they’ll keep on dropping in so your progression isn’t halted. With each age, you can unlock even more abilities and newer tasks to complete and understand so as to ensure that the development of your community never ends.

Rise of Cultures review

The game requires constant engagement and keep up with things in order to ensure that things keep on moving at a steady pace. You also need to scout around and plan attacks in order to expand your territory. Your tasks include scouting out areas for expansion, keeping the farms going, attacking places, conducting research, and a lot more in order to get materials which you would need for further progress. A lot of this is introduced to you at the start but the game does a good task of balancing it out and letting you know what exactly to do so that players aren’t overwhelmed and are able to understand what has to be done and how. The game also lets you in on how eventually you’ll find both allies and enemies through your journey.

Rise of Cultures review

Each age or level has a bunch of research you need to do so that you’re able to unlock better mechanisms and move on to the next level. Each of these mechanics is actually pretty close to the premise of the game and are related to the age they were a part of. By grinding through the game, you get gold coins which can be used for building structures, and with the help of your farms, you can get a bunch of crops and food. You can also upgrade your existing structures and characters in order to get better at the game. Aside from this, the game is mostly about adapting to new work and grinding in order to move up through the ages. Trading is also a pretty cool aspect of the game.

Colorful graphics and easy controls

The Graphics are pretty smooth and full of colour while the in-game music and sound effects are also good enough to provide an overall enjoyable experience. One of the cool things we noticed was how the voices of the workers which pop up sometimes seem to be affected by the age they are in. For example, in the earlier ages when even in reality we hadn’t come up with spoken languages, the workers grunt to show their happiness. 

Most of the game is tapping on things and controlling them that way. The UI is quite easy to get used to and understand so players probably won’t face any issues with it once they figure out how the game works. Playing through, we had a completely ad-free experience which was absolutely a plus. The game does have gems, which you can buy with real money. Gems make the game easier for you and allow you to speed up things. However, you don’t necessarily need to pay to get stuff done.

Final Verdict

Playing through, the game was a pretty good experience with a very interesting concept and a unique way of presenting it. One of the problems we faced however was how some things worked a bit too fast while other work a bit too slow. For example, the farm production is quite quick and you need to keep loading up the work quite often while the research points gather up rather slowly which means you might have some problems with it.

Aside from that, the game is pretty well made and the execution was as cool as the concept behind it. With the whole idea of advancing through the ages of our own history, the game definitely brings something new to the table. Rise of Cultures definitely does have a lot of potentials and is a game that keeps drawing you back.

What are your opinions on the Rise of Cultures game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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