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Seven Knights 2 review: Relive the cult MMORPG but behind a strong gacha paywall

Collect all the cult and new heroes and build your own unique team!

Seven Knights 2 is a brand new Action MMORPG game by Netmarble. The game is a sequel to Seven Knights, which got quite popular. Seven Knights 2 is set 20 years ahead of the events in the first game and brings good graphics and visuals, a well-written story, and decent action to the table. Here in this article, we will review Seven Knights 2 and share our first impressions of the game.

Choose the classic characters of the Seven Knights universe from five distinct classes

Starting off with the review, Seven Knights 2 has the usual looks that most Gacha MMORPGs these days have. There are a bunch of characters players can play as and while players can’t customize their characters, they can recruit different characters. Like all RPGs, there’s also a class system, and the five classes that characters can belong to are- Protection, DPS, Universal, Support, and Ranged.

seven knights character designs Seven Knights 2 review

Unlocking characters does take some time and isn’t the easiest thing to do so quite a bit of grinding is involved. Character design is kind of generic but when MMOs have explored virtually all kinds of the usual generic characters, detailing with clothing and weapons is the best that can be done. The starting phase for a few chapters is going to revolve around the story and leveling up but around the third or fourth chapter, players will be able to reach the MMO part of the game.

Grind out boss battles with powerful ultimate skills and strategies

Now the game does require some grinding, especially before boss battles and it does have the gacha elements created to siphon out your money if you’re willing to invest something into the game. In terms of the action, the combat system does feel very similar to some of the Final Fantasy titles and is pretty fun.

team building Seven Knights 2 review

The game also has an autoplay feature that helps you keep the game aside if you don’t want to grind. Players can play in units of four and have the option to switch to any of the four characters on the battlefield at any moment. Most of the fighting is about spamming the attack button but that’s not unexpected for most of these action RPGs. The three other characters in your team are controlled by the AI that actually works well. When you move about or run away from a fight to recover, they’ll follow you around too.

The storyline is pretty well thought out and the cutscenes are animated very well with high production value so the story is worth getting into and not something that players will have to skip all that often. It adds a lot more substance to the game rather than just making it all about the grind. Even special attacks are very well animated and detailed. Overall, the gameplay is pretty fun and on point.

Beautiful and detailed graphics and comes with simple controls

The game looks very beautiful and immersive. There’s a lot of attention to detail and the world that the game looks good visually. The animations are done very well too and the audio fits in very well. The voice acting is decent too. The controls work the way they’re intended to and there’s nothing to really say here since they’re pretty standard. The UI is also decent and it’s easy to get used to it.

Seven knights 2 shop

No ads but the Gacha system make the game a worse cash grab

The game does not have ads which is a pretty good element. However, the gacha system is the worst element in this game. Monetization is by far the worst feature and it just siphons out money. Grinding without investing money into the game is much harder than it would be if you pumped money into the game so it’s not as friendly for F2P players. Characters, Equipment, and Pets are the main gacha elements with a pity system that gives a rather low chance to players to get a rarer item in the draw.

Final Verdict

Overall, Seven Knights 2 is a well-designed, fun, and respectable sequel to Seven Knights. Aside from the bad monetization, the story, gameplay, graphics, sound effects, and controls have been paid attention to by the developers and make the game enjoyable.

The game is a little gritty at times and the autoplay does alleviate some of the difficulty of that. Also, it takes a while to enter the MMO part of the game as players won’t really be able to see other players for a while after starting off.

Seven Knights 2 review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 7
Storyline - 8
Graphics and Music - 8
Controls and UI - 8
Free-to-Play Elements - 5



Seven Knights 2 is a well-designed, fun, and respectable sequel to Seven Knights. Aside from the bad monetization, the story, gameplay, graphics, sound effects, and controls have been paid attention to by the developers and make the game enjoyable.

What are your opinions on the Seven Knights 2 game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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