Slam Dunk mobile game review: Relive the classic sports Manga

Fight for the National Championship!

Over the years, the sports genre was one of the weakest genres in all of mobile gaming. While shooters, RPGs, and actionadventure games have seen major releases in the not-too-distant past, the sports genre really hasn’t. Although, the tides took a turn when developers began trooping in several sports games on the mobile platform such as PES and FIFA Mobile. A new game recently came out, and it’s called Slam Dunk. Slam Dunk is based on the classic Japanese basketball manga — SLAM DUNK, supervised by Toei Animation. The story portraits how Hanamichi Sakuragi starts as an outsider then finally becomes the core player of his team, and how he fought along with them to pursue the goal of becoming the National Champions. Players are able to recreate the gorgeous shoots and dunks and relive those passionate and touching moments. In this article, we shall see the review of Slam Dunk by rating various performance parameters of the game.

The game offers players a new perspective on Basketball games

Starting off with the Slam Dunk review, if you were waiting for a full-fledged basketball game, you may be a tad heartbroken due to the fact Slam Dunk is not exactly one of those. What it is, though, is an exceptionally fun little time-waster sports game where you tap and slide your finger to shoot basketballs. It takes very little time to play so it’s exquisite for these informal game enthusiasts out there.

Slam Dunk review

The game is a whole new multiplayer fun. The modes are sincerely head-to-head matchups towards a couple of people in a bracket-style tournament. The game itself is fairly effortless to play. There are simple guides for the balls so you can make it into the basket virtually each and every time you try. The challenge, however, lies in the velocity as your quickness can end result in lots of greater points in a game.

Form an alliance with friends and compete with other players

The game is being pitched as a fast-paced 3v3 basketball title but there will actually be a variety of different setups to play. There will be Half-Court 3v3, 1v1 Solo matches, 2v2 Duos, Full-Court 3v3, and Full Court 5v5. You’ll also be able to form a team with your pals.

Slam Dunk review
Slam Dunk review

Also, be sure to upgrade your characters as it is quite necessary to do so if you’re just starting the game. Same with your player’s ability. Without upgrading your ability, you’re going to find it a lot difficult to play the game. The game also offers a ton of achievement rewards for players to claim. The game mode includes a solo mode that consists of all the story modes. There is a Battle mode as well, where you’re free to play and level up your team and experience to a certain stage and unlock more levels.

Intense ranked matches and battle modes

Slam Dunk also allows the players to play in Battle Mode and Ranked Matches. The Ranking System breaks down into nine different levels such as Strong Bench Player, Starting Player, and SLAM DUNK. New-season starts every two months and Honor Divisions encourage players to compete with one another in the same region. In-game, it’s the same story. The graphics are crisp and the scene is colorful and appealing to the eye. You can unlock and purchase different balls with coins which is a nice touch. As you progress you can unlock more courts by playing in more expensive tournaments.

While the graphics are pretty nice, the game itself is simple so there isn’t a lot of change. What you get is nice, but it’s not all that much. In terms of music, the theme playing is reminiscent of the late ’80s, drum-heavy rap music which we actually liked. It gave it a street-urban feel which was nice. The game aims to create a nostalgic feeling for players. Besides classic scenes and Star Players, it is also dubbed in both Japanese and English between which players are free to switch.

What looks good, feels better to play with

The game is well designed. The menus are easy to navigate and don’t take any guesswork. Buttons are well defined and the graphics are crisp and colorful. There are some slick animations here and there and moving around in the game could even be described as enjoyable. Games like Asphalt 8 or Angry Birds GO could learn from the effective, yet simple menu designs.

Slam Dunk review

The controls are casual but might take a while to get used to. The movement button sensitivity is a bit too much, perhaps they’ll work on that in future updates. You shouldn’t play this game to try and win all the time, else you’re going to become frustrated. Players can miss shots even if there’s literally no one blocking the ball or tackling you. You’d have to upgrade your skills and abilities to develop perfect shots.

Final Verdict

The game graphics are really cool. There’s nothing too insane. The menus also take you straight to the point. It’s all clean, good looking and sharp. Nevertheless, from our review perspective, Slam Dunk is a relatively new and solid offering. The game is fun to play and can serve as a great time waster. The graphics and soundtrack give players a comforting atmosphere while the gameplay is easy to grasp so players won’t have problems getting in on the fun right away.

The multiplayer aspect is a nice feature as well. Though it could’ve been easy to code in several AI and make players face the same opponents over again. But with the Improved matchmaking system, allows unpredictability to a game like this. A downside of the game is the IAP’s. The game contains several in-app purchases that may serve as a red light for certain players. However, if you wouldn’t mind spending a little cash to enjoy this addictive basketball game, then it’s worth giving a shot.

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