Smashy Road Wanted 2 review: A fun filled time killer

You are Wanted! How long can you survive?

Smashy Road Wanted 2 is the action-based sequel to the popular series from the house of Bearbit Studios. If you’ve played the previous editions – Smashy Road: Wanted and Smashy Road: Arena, then you will already be familiar with the basic controls and some of the features present in the game. This new addition in the series brings a lot of new features and changes with it. Here is a review of Smashy Road Wanted 2 based on how much it has improved since the previous version.

Addition of new in-game features

In previous versions, Smashy Road was heavily focused on vehicle maneuvers. Your survival was dependant on how well you could drive. This game introduces a new feature in which you are able to leave your vehicle and roam around as the driver. As you roam around, you are able to hop into any other vehicle you see in the game.

Smashy Road Wanted 2 Review

However, the enemy is also given the same ability. They can leave their vehicles as well and chase you down with firepower. Overall, this on-foot experience really gives the gameplay a whole new feel. There are many more new features including the ability to swim, a mini-map with waypoints, and even power-ups.

The game gets much more challenging as you progress

With the addition of more patrol levels, the game gets much more challenging in the end rounds. The final level leads to an alien invasion and if you reach that, you truly are a skilled player at the game. There are many more vehicles and characters that can chase you down and the satisfaction when you manage to reach a high score is immeasurable. Bearbit Studios have really done a great job in managing the game’s difficulty at every level.

The only issue present is that sometimes, the game can occasionally turn out to be a little unfair for the player. Sometimes, the enemy AI can bug out and instantly throw you out of the vehicle, leading to a devastating loss that may not necessarily be your fault. However, these are only bugs of a primary level that are expected to be fixed in the later stage of this game.

The environment is fresh with every match you get in

Smashy Road Wanted 2 Review

The procedurally generated environment results in a different game every time you play. Everything from the structure of roads to the variation of biomes can change, which results in some excellent replay value. Also, there are numerous special locations that have a chance of spawning across the map. This could be anything from a military base to a zombie apocalypse bunker.

These locations are used as a point for special challenges, completing these will reward you with special vehicles and characters. Overall, with the varying map, the game just feels different every time you play. This is perfect for a casual game like Smashy Road.

Choice and customization are key aspects of the game

There are a ton of different cars and characters to choose from with each being unique in their own way. It isn’t just the vehicle statistics that change, but some vehicles have a secret power. This you can only see in-game.

Smashy Road Wanted 2 Review

For example, the Classy Car turns the whole game scene to a vintage look. Also, vehicles can be upgraded and customized by color, which is just the perfect finishing touch.

Final Thoughts

This is a great game to play casually whenever you want. The replay value keeps the game fresh every time. And the sheer number of secrets activates your curiosity, making you want to try out everything there is. The satisfaction whilst making a successful turn or whilst outplaying an enemy police car feels great.

This is one of those must-have games to have on your phone. It will always be there to help you kill time in a fun-filled way, no matter what the occasion may be. Although a little buggy, is understandable since the game has only just released, devs must be working hard to smoothen the experience for players.

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