Squiggles 10 Review: A fun time-killer for puzzle game lovers

Connect the dots

Puzzle game lovers often get bored with the same set of puzzles that play, be it on mobile, PC, or even on pen and paper. The quest for finding a new puzzle game never stops. And maybe this is where Squiggles 10 can come in handy. This Squiggles 10 game review will help you to decide if this is the game you must try irrespective of your love for puzzle games.

Connect the colorful dots

Squiggles 10 brings a very simplistic approach to puzzle solving. The word ‘Squiggles’ mean a short line that curls and loops in an irregular way’, and the offers exactly the game. As a player, you’ll be challenged to connect different colored dots in the correct manner, touching all the boxes inside your screen.

You’ll be tapping on a dot first and then keep moving your finger over the boxes to meet the other same colored dot to create a line. By the time you connect the last dot, the main motive is to cover all the boxes while connecting the dots. For now, the game is only about one type of puzzle. There are no additional game modes or something similar.

Squiggles 10
Image via Glass Onion Games

Squiggles 10 offers a simplistic yet challenging experience

While playing Squiggles 10 on my iPad Pro M1 for the review, I loved how the game offers a blend of simple and challenging puzzles at the same time. If you are very good at puzzle solving, you will be able to finish the puzzle within the first 10 turns, and probably that is why the game’s name adds the number at the end. However if you are feeling challenged already and want to just have fun, you can take as many turns as you want.

The game also shows the actual solution with just one tap at the top right corner of the screen. Even if you see the solution and solve the puzzle it does not hamper your progress. At the end of the day, you just want to solve a puzzle and have some fun. And Squiggles 10 does it pretty neat as evident in our review.

No IAPs or but there are in-game ads

A good thing about the game is that it does not have any kind of IAPs by the time I’m writing this post. Although there are some in-game ads, the game is clean and offers a direct approach to puzzle solving. You just have to install the game and you are ready to solve a puzzle, as simple as that.

Squiggles 10
Image via Glass Onion Games

Final verdict

In a nutshell, Squiggles 10 does it well what it is supposed to do. There’s no complicacy, just a pure and simple puzzle game on connecting the dots theme. This may not be a game that you’ll play for a long time, but definitely, one that can be played during your breaks, while you commute, or even when you’re in the toilet. So if you are a puzzle game lover or just someone looking for a fun time killer or maybe looking for a game to challenge your problem-solving skills, you should definitely try out the game.

Squiggles 10 Review by GamingonPhone

Game Mechanics - 7
Gameplay - 6
Free to Play - 9
Controls and UI - 7



A fun time-killing puzzle mobile game on connecting the dots theme for a short duration

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