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Summoners War: Chronicles review: Explore a vast open world with your companions

Summon your Best!

Summoners War: Chronicles is the newest addition to the MMORPG in the world of Summoners War Verse. The game revolves around the same storyline that has been followed up from the previous games; Summoners War, Summoners War: Sky Arena, and Summoners War Lost Centuria. The game has come up with so many features which are really splendid to attract every new gamer into the world of Summoners. Here in this article, we will review Summoners War: Chronicles and share our first impressions of the game.

Experience the Royalty over the land of the Rahil Kingdom 

Starting off with the Summoners War: Chronicles review, the game is based on a similar story that has been followed by the previous games of the same universe. Tefo, the main antagonist of the story, has yet again returned to the world from the unstable rift.

Image via Com2uS

By not tolerating the defeat faced a long time ago, he seeks revenge from the Rahil Kingdom Guards. And again, the best three Rahil Kingdom Guards; Kina, Orbia, and Cleaf are ready to face him with all their powers maxed up. The game follows up with the storyline properly with the three Summoners. Players have the freedom to choose the Summoner they want, customize, name them, and jump into the World of Rahil kingdom to enjoy the intensity between the Rahil Guards and Tefo and his disciples.

The gameplay mechanics are very easy to learn for any player playing out for the first time and will enjoy the game at its best as well. The storyline never creates boredom for the players and always keeps that suspense, thrill, and enthusiasm inside the heart of the players. 

Summon unique Monsters and utilize them to your advantage

Monsters are the best set of companions present in the game. They provide the best support to the Summoners while they are into a fight and thus it is another important aspect of the game. The game has over 300+ monsters that can be summoned with the help of various types of Scrolls that can be earned as a reward by the players.

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The monsters possess different types of powers such as Fire, Water, Wind, Light, and Dark. They are also categorized with the help of stars so that it can help the players to distinguish between them on the basis of their rarity and power. The more the stars of a monster, the more powerful it is compared to others. 

These monsters can be even upgraded with the help of many portions and resources that can be earned by the players. Thus, take the monsters seriously as they have the capability to help you win against the strongest villains that will cross your path while you move toward defeating Tefo.

Play through unique game modes in Summoners War: Chronicles

The game provides a whole lot more game modes to the players apart from the mandatory storyline chapters and arcs. Players have the chance to fight against more powerful villains apart from Tefo and his disciples from various sections such as Arena dungeon, Expedition, Road to Growth, and Cairos.

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These sections come up with huge rewards and prizes along with powerful villains that will give the players a fight with much more thrill compared to the fights in the storyline. Players can even compete with other players from the Arena section.

Here, players can fight with their summoner and monsters with other players from all the corners of the world. Players can compare themselves with other individuals around the world and improve the skills and weapons of the Summoners and the Monsters to become stronger.

The game offers vibrant graphics all around and a clean UI

The environment shown in the game is so pleasing and beautiful that it has the capability to attract every player out there. The 3D graphics used all over the development is just top-notch. It has been done so keenly that players can even get some of the visions of the great game, Genshin Impact while climbing through the ladders of the Summoners War Universe.

gameplay overview summoners war chronicles
Image via Com2uS

The in-game UI is so systematic and easy to learn for the users that every player can easily learn about all the features in a single shot. The game also offers so many unique features for the players as well. Summoners are considered the best Heroes of the game, but every individual requires the right support to become successful at a mission. This purpose is keenly served by the Monsters present in the game.

Monsters can possess the earth’s elemental powers such as Fire, Water, and Nature and in addition to this, they can manipulate with light and mystique powers as well. The best part is that a single monster has variants who are capable of possessing all the types of powers in the game which helps the players to use their favorite monster with the appropriate type of power best with the Summoner. 

The land of Rahil is rich in heritage and resources

Players get a lot of options to earn currency and resources throughout the game. Players can go for the daily missions, objectives, game pass missions, and achievements tasks that will help them earn lots and lots of resources such as Normal EXP portions, Magical water, and currencies such as Gold and Crystals.

Summoners War Chronicles Currency,
Image via Com2us

These resources and currencies are very important for every player as these can help them enhance their skills, and weapons along with the Summoners and Monsters so that they get stronger than before and defeat the disciples of Tefo in just no time. Players can easily get resources and currencies from every possible section of the game. Players can even win them in the form of rewards by completing the storyline missions and by winning other game modes as well. 

Living in Rahil can get a little expensive at times

The game has a lot of in-app purchases for the players that include in-game currencies and few resources. Players can also buy the Premium Summoners Pass which comes up with much better rewards compared to the Free Pass. Players can also invest in Scrolls as well that will help them summon many stronger monsters.

Image via Com2uS

But from the vision of reality, purchasing these resources and currencies is not worth it. Players can easily win Scrolls and other important in-game resources by completing the tasks assigned to them from various sections of the game. If the players want, they can go for the Premium Summoners Pass and enjoy the Royalty of the game much more. 

Final Verdict

Hence, as an overall review, Summoners War: Chronicles has a lot of factors that insist this game be one of the best games developed by Com2uS. This MMORPG action game follows up the story of the Universe and makes the players more enthusiastic about it.

The game mechanics, UI, and graphics are very appreciable and these are so easy to operate by the players. It has many more game modes and other features at the same time which keeps up the interest of the players towards the game. 

Summoners War: Chronicles review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 8.5
Game Progression - 8.5
Graphics and Music - 8
Controls and UI - 8
Free-to-Play Elements - 7.5



Summoners War: Chronicles has a lot of factors that insist this game be one of the best games developed by Com2uS. The game follows the story of the universe and is definitely a must-try for the fans of its franchise

What are your opinions on the Summoners War: Chronicles game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments below!

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