Tears of Themis review: Embark on miHoYo’s latest crime adventure

An adventure full of love and wits!

Tears of Themis is a new title by miHoYo that is now available globally after a short closed beta. miHoYo in the past has worked on extremely popular titles like Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd which have millions of downloads across platforms. The game belongs to the Otome genre and you play as a female protagonist solving cases at a law firm in Stellis, a technologically advanced city with a lot of secrets. Alongside you are other characters with their own backstories, personalities, and secrets. It is a very beautiful and polished-looking game with close to no flaws in the gameplay. While some players who’ve played previous games from miHoYo which are RPGs and have significantly different gameplay from Tears of Themis might not like a quieter, story-driven game, if they stick around, they might actually get drawn into it. Here in this article, we will review Tears of Themis and share our first impressions of the game.

Start solving cases with four other male characters

Starting off with the review, Tears of Themis starts off by introducing you to a few characters in rather mysterious and odd ways. It’s recommended that you watch the complete cutscenes to get some key clues about the characters and the underlying story. Coming to the story, this game has a very rich and intriguing one which definitely would interest people who’re fans of story-driven titles. At the start, it might seem like it is a bit slow but once you get into the gameplay, it’ll draw you in.

The different characters this game has also provide depth and aside from the protagonist, i.e. you, there are four other male characters (thus introducing the Otome aspect of the game) Artem Wing, Vyn Richter, Marius Von Hagen, and Luke Peace are the four main male characters the game has and each of them has different personalities which you have to form relationships with. They’ll help you during the cases you have to solve.

The story blends romance with crime fiction

The game involves investigating different scenes (not necessarily crime scenes since you have to draw conclusions about your allies as well to find out more about them), debating different people, and questioning them. Debates involve using cards to trump your enemy’s reactions and reducing their HP to zero. Cards can be upgraded and there are three main categories they belong to- Emotion, Intuition, and Logic.

Tears of Themis review
Image via miHoYo

The main story called X-NOTE isn’t the only game mode however as studies in various topics, an anomaly mode and events are a part of the game which expands the experience for players. There’s evidence which you have to go through as well which you’ll either find in the scene or by questioning people. Overall, there’s a lot to play through and experience in the game. The cases and debates start out pretty tame and are easy to get through but get more challenging as you play.

Stunning aesthetic graphics enhance the gameplay experience

The graphics in this game are absolutely gorgeous. The detail, fluidity, and colors look great but do keep in mind that to support these graphics and deliver a playable fluid experience, you will need a device with good enough specs. miHoYo’s previous titles like Genshin Impact have pushed devices to their limit.

Tears of Themis review
Image via miHoYo

The in-game soundtrack is pretty calming while the voice acting (Yes each character has individual voice acting) is quite good as well. Overall, the audio succeeds in setting up the game.

Complex UI and optional IAPs are a part of the game

The UI is a little complex due to a bunch of elements the game has but once you know where things are, you’ll get used to it. There’s not much to the controls since this is a click-and-play sort of title where you just tap on cards or evidence.

Tears of Themis review investigation
Image via miHoYo

miHoYo follows the theme of offering a premium and ad free experience in this game as well. No advertisements will interrupt you and that’s a big positive. The game does have In-App Purchases but they are optional and would only make the game easier for you.

Final Verdict

Tears of Themis is a visually appealing game with a great story that doesn’t fade away and good gameplay as well. The graphics and audio offer a great experience while the User Interface is pretty clean. The only faults we found in the game are sudden pop-ups which mob you all of a sudden and the energy system.

Now energy systems are something which no one likes because they restrict playing time and you either buy more energy, often through a chain starting with real-life money, or stay away from the game for a while so that your energy bar fills up again. That’s pretty much the only issue we had with the game. Considering it’s their first Otome game revolving around mysteries with less action-packed and more story-based gameplay, they’ve done a great job with it.

What are your opinions on the Tears of Themis game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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