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The Witcher: Monster Slayer review: Experience a unique take on the Witcher franchise

Each step will take you deeper into a dark fantasy adventure

The Witcher series is one that has gained a lot of popularity over the years and a mobile game was something that people were pretty hyped about. The game has been published on mobile by Spokko Sp. z.o.o, an organization that comes under CD Projekt Red, who’s worked on the other Witcher games and also titles like Cyberpunk 2077. Here in this article, we will review The Witcher: Monster Slayer and share our first impressions of the game.

The game is quite similar to Pokemon Go in terms of its core mechanics as the game does have an Augmented Reality mode which is pretty cool. The game is all about going around and defeating beasts and that experience is amplified by the AR mode. You can move around and find monsters around you which is also pretty cool and the game actually pretty accurately manages to use weather reports to make the experience a little immersive.

Explore challenges, track monsters and prepare for battles

Starting off with the Witcher: Monster Slayer review, now the gameplay is decent. It’s not the best and to be honest not even as good as the other Witcher games on other platforms. But the game isn’t necessarily bad. The AR aspect makes it a little clunky and the game seems a bit janky overall. There’s a story somewhere in there or at least an attempt to throw one in but that is for the most part forgettable. Also, Geralt of Rivia, the iconic character from the other Witcher games isn’t a part of this game and you get to play as a custom character.

The cool thing or a benefit to the players’ health is how it makes you get up, move around and go outside like Pokemon Go. But remember to always be aware of your surroundings while playing since there have been incidents in the past. There are monsters in your close vicinity who you can go and fight but also bigger events that take place in certain areas and have better rewards.

witcher gameplay

Select the best weapons and brew powerful potions to hunt down evil

The controls and gameplay lead to basically just swiping at enemies and throwing in the occasional explosive or special attack but if you aren’t a fan of repetitive gameplay, this game wouldn’t really work that well. Also, as players progress, the difficulty ramps up. Which wouldn’t be an issue if the game wasn’t so bad at providing enough resources. It seems to really push the in-app purchase towards players so that they can comfortably play without having to grind a lot.

One of the issues was also how the game takes quite a while to calibrate at times but that’s usually because of lighting conditions and other factors. Using the swords was also pretty awkward and clumsy as it isn’t really smooth action and feels like you don’t really have really good control as you swipe around. Even parrying monster attacks doesn’t feel like it does much to help you.

Decent graphics and UI but controls feel clunky at times

The game’s graphics are decent, especially at the high settings and the audio isn’t too bad either. At the lower settings, the graphics aren’t good at all at lower settings and don’t feel like a studio as big as CD Projekt Red could’ve put in so little effort. Now the controls aren’t the best and like mentioned earlier, using the swords felt really awkward. The UI is decent but again clunky and buggy at times.

witcher ar game

You need no IAPs to become an elite monster hunter

The Witcher: Monster Slayer doesn’t have ads which are great and sort of expected when it’s a studio as big as CDPR working on the game. The game does have In-App Purchases and it does push you to buy items and make your journey easier. This definitely pushes it towards the Pay to Win side but since it’s single-player, it’s more of just progressing through the game quickly rather than having any advantage over others.

Final Verdict

If you’re a fan of the Witcher game series or perhaps AR games like Pokemon Go, this game is a decent title you can try out but it’s not the best game in the market. AR definitely makes this a cool experience and the game does that pretty well. Playing games that mix in with reality is definitely something that makes the game more immersive.

The biggest issues with the game were firstly the bad controls for the sword which really makes it feel out of control and janky and also how the game gets repetitive and grindy without really rewarding the players enough. Overall, the game is playable with some faults and can really improve in some aspects. The game leaves you feeling like CDPR, which is the parent organization behind Spokko could have done way better.

What are your opinions on The Witcher: Monster Slayer game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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