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Tower of God: New World Review: Relive the webtoon experience

An adventure with Bam awaits!

Tower of God: New World is a brand new title inspired by the popular Tower of God franchise. Staying true to the original universe with the anime storyline adapted into the game, the game features unique RPG characteristics and strategic elements for players to try out. After its global launch on July 26th, Tower of God: New World has garnered favorable initial impressions, significantly impacting players’ choices regarding their engagement with the game. In this review, we will share our early impressions and offer ratings for the gaming experience Tower of God: New World provides.

A neat gameplay without much of a hassle

It is always the gameplay part that the players will be curious about, and we shall start with that. The gameplay is basic, pretty much what you expect from idle RPGs, a straightforward and familiar gameplay style without too many hurdles for a beginner, who’s helped out with the basic Auto Battle system as well as arranging his team. Apart from the two basic game modes, there are several sections where players can enjoy fighting with their team.

Tower of God: New World gameplay
Image via Netmarble

Elementals and Classes are also present, allowing a more strategic approach to your battles thanks to their buff effects and leverages. They come in very handy and are essential to achieve wins. The Shinsu training mechanic is a good addition to training, emphasizing teamwork. While we may have preferred more work on the battle system since this is a tactical game, overall, the game manages to strike a satisfying balance in the gameplay aspect.

A storyline that delves deep into the Tower of God universe

The storyline is faithful to the Tower of God universe, with Bam once again featured as the main protagonist of the story mode. They are distributed into Acts, where each story has a mission to complete for the player in a mini-world. The narration, particularly that of Headon, is well-crafted and captivating, maintaining players’ interest throughout the game, and doesn’t feel dragging. Having a log helps too, to look into any missed lines to connect the stories. The auto-play option for the story mode offers a delightful experience akin to reading a visual book, enhancing the overall immersion in the game.

Visually pleasing graphics and well-directed cutscenes are a major plus

For a game that draws inspiration from an anime or manga that was known for good art, surely the expectations are higher. Thankfully, Tower of God: New World lives up to the expectations it promised. The cutscenes are absolutely fire, I love the little attention to detail they have given in costumes, especially while running at higher graphics. During the battle, you don’t get to see much of a difference but the special move effects are designed well.

Tower of God: New World gameplay
Image via Netmarble

The anime-esque style art is what makes the game work visually, and I’m a fan of that. In some cases, you can see optimization getting involved to meddle with the graphics for a stutter or two, but it is no big deal. On the fresher side, music can be and needs to be given a good update. While entering the game, one would expect an epic thumping BGM running to invite you, but well, it doesn’t happen. The home screen music is plain boring, and that needs to be taken into consideration.

UI is a letdown but has room for improvement

For a portrait game, you usually expect where menu icons and options often feel cluttered, but here the options are neatly arranged at first glance. However, the problem lies in the arrangements inside the menu are something I did not find easy on the eye. The oversized buttons and poorly organized layout lead to wasted space, detracting from the overall visual appeal, which is already bland.

Tower of God: New World Ui
Image via Netmarble

Another serious concern is about the response of the UI. Absolutely poor, and needs a fix as soon as possible. You can easily notice a delay of close to a second leaving you questioning yourself “Why is this so slow?” This happens during battles too, say while changing camera cutscenes or promoting a special move, you can easily notice.

In-app purchases appear to be relatively expensive

No ads, good plus. But while scrolling down on the options, I felt the rates for in-game resources seemed to be on the heavier side, and apart from one good and cheap deal, it was all overpriced. But on a common note, it doesn’t favor pay-to-win (P2W) players only. There is a good grind for the F2P ones, yes, but by progressing, good pulls and obtaining the best teammates are a certainty due to increased rates for your favorite characters.

Final Thoughts

Overall, coming to my final verdict in this Tower of God: New World review, I would say the game is a fun RPG with good emphasis given to characters and visuals. The game is very addictive for someone who is interested in webtoons, and there is nothing else to rejoice to get the Tower of God experience on mobile. As mentioned earlier, there are a few pointers on the UI and Music that would make the experience more worthwhile, which is easy as the team drops updates.

To be completely honest, I would have personally preferred this game to be designed in landscape mode, incorporating more complex strategic elements and reducing the emphasis on idle and collectible gameplay aspects. However, these decisions regarding the game’s design ultimately rest with the development team. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy this game, even though my rating is, well, you know, a bit stringent.

Tower of God: New World Review by GamingonPhone

Gameplay Mechanics - 8
Storyline - 8
Graphics and Music - 7.5
Controls and UI - 7.5
Free-to-Play Elements - 7



A good idle RPG by Netmarble keeping it tight with the graphics and gameplay, however missing out on a few minor things in UI and the music.

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