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Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Gacha System Guide: Pity, rate-up, banners, and more

Know the proper way to gacha!

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat has recently launched on Android and iOS, following its announcement in December 2019. The game underwent Closed Beta testing in September 2023 and was showcased at gamescom Singapore 2023. This Devil May Cry: Gacha System Guide is designed to help you understand the gacha mechanics, including rates and the pity system.

You can also check out my beginner tips and efficient rerolling methods to redeeming free codes, you’ll find detailed strategies for earning gems, navigating the currency system, and mastering the gacha mechanics. Explore co-op gameplay with friends and seamlessly integrate controller support for a smoother experience. Don’t miss out on checking the Hunter Tier List to gain valuable insights into character rankings.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Gacha System Explained

Delving into the Gacha System of Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, it shares similarities with other gacha titles such as Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact. The game incorporates a rotating cycle of features like a pity system, rate-up, and signature weapons. In this system, the focus is on acquiring powerful hunters and gear to enhance your team’s abilities.

As you progress through the main story quests, the game strategically introduces specific characters or teams crucial for particular story events. This ensures a coherent and immersive narrative experience, highlighting the significance of team composition and strategy. The drop rates for hunters and weapons of varying rarities can be summarized as follows:

RarityDrop Rate

The Gacha system in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat distributes drop rates to favor the acquisition of Rare and Epic-tier items, making them more likely to be obtained. On the other hand, legendary hunters or weapons are the rarest and most challenging to acquire.

DMC: Peak of Combat new-player vault

The new player vault in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is an exclusive banner for newcomers. This banner ensures that you receive a legendary hunter with fewer summons required. You can only summon a maximum of 40 times from this vault. Once you reach this limit or summon a Legendary Hunter, the vault permanently disappears.

Devil May Cry peak of combat new player vault
Image via NebulaJoy

Therefore, the pity is within these 40 summons, and a random Legendary Hunter is guaranteed. There are currently three available legendary hunters in this banner: One-man show, Frosty Grace, and Fist of Salvation. These are considered standard legendary hunters and do not vanish or become available through other banners.

DMC: Peak of Combat Legendary Hunter banner

The Legendary Hunter banner in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is an exclusive, time-limited banner featuring hunters that are typically stronger than standard legendary ones. There are two separate banners, each highlighting different hunters.

Every 10 summons guarantee a random Epic Hunter or Weapon, and a Legendary Hunter is assured within 90 summons as the pity.

Devil May Cry peak of combat legendary hunter banner
Image via NebulaJoy

The featured Legendary Hunters have a base rate of 0.66% each, totaling 1.66%, while Epic Hunters and Weapons have a base rate of 4.2%, totaling 12%. Each summoned Legendary Hunter has a 50% chance to be the Featured Legendary Hunter.

If the recruited Legendary Hunter is not the current UP Hunter, the next one will be 100% the current UP Hunter. Additionally, summons during this period roll over to the next Featured Vault, and the vault refreshes periodically.

DMC: Peak of Combat Weapon selection banner

The Weapon Selection banner in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is the exclusive and sole weapon banner available, typically featuring the signature weapon of the currently limited hunter. Every 10 summons guarantee a random Epic Weapon or Hunter, with a random Legendary Weapon assured within 30 summons, and a random Hell Weapon guaranteed within 90 summons.

Devil May Cry peak of combat weapon selection banner
Image via NebulaJoy

The rates for Random Hell Weapons in Weapon Selection are at a base rate of 0.66%, totaling 1.66%, while Random Legendary Weapons have a base rate of 1%, totaling 3.80%. Epic Weapons maintains a base rate of 4.2%, summing up to 12%. The Prayer status and count to guarantee will reset when the next vault opens.

Devil May Cry peak of combat weapon prayer
Image via NebulaJoy

In the Weapon Prayer system, players can select the weapon they desire, providing a 50% chance to acquire it in the next Hell Weapon summoned. If a Hell Weapon different from the selection is summoned, adding 1 to the Prayer Meter occurs. Once maxed, the subsequent Hell Weapon summoned guarantees the player the initially selected weapon.

Final Thoughts

In Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, the Gacha System is a crucial aspect for acquiring powerful hunters and gear. New players can benefit from the exclusive new-player vault, guaranteeing a legendary hunter within 40 summons. The Legendary Hunter banner offers time-limited chances to obtain stronger hunters.

The Weapon Selection banner is the only place to get weapons, with a unique Weapon Prayer system allowing players to influence their weapon summons. Understanding rates, and guarantees, and utilizing redeem codes enhances the overall gaming experience in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat.

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