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Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat controller support guide: How to play with a controller

Play with a controller to play smoother!

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat has recently launched on both Android and iOS after a lengthy period of anticipation since its announcement in December 2019. The game underwent a Closed Beta testing phase in September 2023 and was confirmed to debut at gamescom Singapore 2023 in a recent interview. This Devil May Cry: Peak of Controller Support Guide offers guidance on playing with various controller types.

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Controller Support for Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat offers compatibility with various controllers, including Xbox, PS4, and PS5 controllers. It’s worth mentioning that, unlike other platforms that allow key bind customization, controller users have limited options to customize their control scheme.

Devil May Cry Peak of Combat controller settings
Image via NebulaJoy

Fortunately, Peak of Combat does support controllers, although not all on-screen interactions, like minigames, are compatible with controller inputs. Nevertheless, using a controller is generally effective, providing a tactile gaming experience, which is great for players who prefer that kind of interaction.

List of Controllers compatible with Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat

Choosing a controller for Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat makes things easier because the buttons are close together. This is unlike using an emulator or tapping on your mobile device where the important keys are spread out. The controller’s analog sticks also help you move your character and adjust the camera more smoothly and accurately. Here’s a list of controllers that work with Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat:

  • DualSense
  • DualShock 4
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S controller
  • PS4
  • PS5

How to connect your Controller and play Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat

Using a controller in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is easy as there’s no need for extra apps. Just connect your controller to your PC or platform using USB or Bluetooth, and the game will recognize it automatically. You can start playing with the controller without any extra setup.

Devil May Cry controller support
Image via CAPCOM

Switching between the controller and other controls while playing Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is simple, and you can even use both at the same time. If your controller isn’t working properly after reconnecting, try closing any controller configurator apps before restarting the game. For a smoother experience with fewer issues, it’s recommended to use a wired controller.

Basic in-game controller controls

Key controls for playing Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat involves managing the camera and character movements, along with essential functions like Basic ATK, Skills, Character switching, and Ultimate Ability.

  • Movement: The left joystick controls character movement. Push it forward to make your character move forward, pull it back to make it move backward, and tilt it left or right for strafing.
  • Camera Control: The right joystick is for adjusting camera movement. Push it forward or backward to change the camera angle up or down, and move it left or right to rotate the camera around your character.
  • Attacks and Skills: The face buttons (A, B, X, and Y on Xbox, or Circle, Cross, Square, and Triangle on PlayStation) execute various attack and skill actions.
  • Character Switch: The left and right bumpers (LB and RB on Xbox, L1 and R1 on PlayStation) allow you to switch between different characters, enabling you to adapt your combat style to the situation.
  • Ultimate: The left and right triggers (LT and RT on Xbox, L2 and R2 on PlayStation) are typically assigned to the character’s Ultimate abilities. These abilities play a crucial role in combat and gameplay.
  • Menu Navigation: The directional pad (D-pad) or left joystick can be used for menu navigation. The D-pad is commonly used to scroll through options, while the left joystick helps you move a cursor.

Final Thoughts

Playing Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat with a controller significantly improves the overall gaming experience. However, it’s important to note that certain parts of the game, like the exit screen and web-event-related windows, may not fully support controllers. The official Devil May Cry Peak of Combat channel has showcased short gameplay sessions using a controller.

In such instances, you might need to occasionally tap on your smartphone’s screen or use your mouse to click buttons. This is a minor inconvenience to keep in mind, especially if you plan to use a wireless controller and sit or lie down at a distance from your monitor and keyboard.

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