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Genshin Impact 4.0 Spiral Abyss: How to Clear Floor 11

Clear the Floor 11 in no time!

Genshin Impact Version 4.0 update has brought a new set of enemies for both Floor 11 in the Spiral Abyss. Since these are the topmost floors of the Abyss, ensure that you have units that are at least sufficiently built for the teams they are in. In this guide, we will explain the new changes in the current Spiral Abyss, how to clear them in the current Genshin Impact 4.0 patch update, and the most optimal teams that can be used.

Genshin Impact 4.0 Update Spiral Abyss Guide: How to clear Floor 11

Ley Line Disorders: All party members receive a 60% Pyro DMG Bonus. All party members receive a 60% Hydro DMG Bonus.

Chamber 1

Genshin Impact 4.0 Spiral Abyss
Image via HoYoverse

First Half

  • In the first wave, only the 2 Pyro Specters will attack the Monolith while the others will focus on you. It is recommended that you bring an Anemo character here for grouping. If not, you should focus on Pyro Specters that are attacking the Monolith. Once any enemy dies, a new enemy from the next wave will spawn. That’s why it’s better to use an Anemo CC to have the best opportunity to kill all enemies in 1 wave instantly.
  • In the second wave, the same set of enemies will appear, but this time, the ones who will be focusing on the Monolith are the 2 Pyro Slimes. Instead of killing the Slimes when they are near the Monolith, try to hit them and move their aggro to you so they will chase after you and get away from the Monolith. This is because their explosion will affect the Monolith’s HP.
  • The last wave is much easier because only 1 Slime will attack the Monolith. The remaining enemies will only chase after you.

Second Half

  • In the first wave, only the 2 Slimes will attack the Monolith while the others will chase after you. Similar to the First Half, an Anemo CC here is really recommended here. If you didn’t bring any, focus on Cryo Slimes that are attacking the Monolith.
  • In the second wave, the 2 Specters will attack the Monolith while the remaining enemies chase after you. Lure all enemies to the front side so you can minimize the collateral damage that may hit the Monolith.
  • In the third wave, only 1 Slime will attack the Monolith while the rest of the enemies will be focusing on you.

Chamber 2

Genshin Impact 4.0 Spiral Abyss
Image via HoYoverse

First Half

  • In the first wave, all enemies spawn quite far from each other but they do go to your location. You can gather them even faster if you bring along an Anemo CC.
  • All enemies have their own elemental shield so try your best to remove the shield first because it grants them 60% RES to all DMG and enhanced attacks.
  • In the second wave, the 2 Lawachuls will spawn near each other in the back area. Both of them will create their own Electro shields, granting the Lawachurl stronger attacks, but does not reduce DMG taken. Those shields can be broken more easily using Pyro, Cryo, and Dendro attacks.

Second Half

  • In the first wave, all enemies spawn far from each other but chase after you quite fast. The Cherubic Sea Hares possess an Ice shield. The shield can be destroyed using Elemental Reactions (Pyro being the best element).
  • In the second wave, all enemies spawn near each other in the middle of the arena. If you don’t bring any Anemo CC, you can walk to the nearest wall and corner yourself there so the Vishaps won’t have much space to be far from each other, where you can easily deal with AoE dmg.
  • One of the Vishap’s skills you need to watch out for is the Cleansing Shower. Characters hit by their Cleansing Shower attack will lose a certain amount of Elemental Energy. If your characters do not have sufficient Elemental Energy, they will lose HP.
  • In the third wave, two Lawachurls spawn near each other at the back area of the arena. Pyro is the most effective against the shield.
  • Similar to the Thunderhelm Lawachurl, the Frostarms Lawachurl also likes to charge to your location. So it’s best if you can go to the nearest wall in order to have them follow you.

Chamber 3

Genshin Impact 4.0 Spiral Abyss
Image via HoYoverse

First Half

  • In the first wave, all enemies spawn near each other in the front area and immediately chase after you. Since there are only 3 of them and usually they are near each other, you can focus one-by-one and the collateral damage should be enough to damage the others to half their HP.
  • In the second wave, the Kairagi spawn on each side of the arena but quickly chase after you. An early reminder that you have to watch out for their ability to regenerate half of their HP and be immune to CC if one of them dies. Kairagi’s thrust attacks often cause them to separate. It’s recommended you turn around right after they spawn and go to the nearest wall area. This will make them chase after you and do a thrust attack.
  • The best option to avoid one of them recovering half their HP is to make sure you attack both of them until their HP is the same before finishing them off or using DPS with high burst damage to kill both of them at the same time in order to kill it before it can even heal.

Second Half

  • There is only one wave on this floor and it’s the Primo Geovishap (Cryo Infusion). Bring along a shielder (preferably Geo or Cryo) because it has one special attack that you can take advantage of.
  • When the Primo Geovishap starts its Primordial Shower attack, generate a shield to block the incoming attack. When the attack connects with the shield, it will rebound back to the Primo Geovishap and deal a massive amount of damage back.
  • Primo Geovishap will only perform the Primordial Shower attack when it is front-facing your character, so you can avoid this attack during shield downtime by constantly running behind it, and only bait this move once a shield is ready by running in front.

Optimal Team Comps to use on Floor 11 in Genshin Impact 4.0 Update Spiral Abyss

There are Leyline Monolith stages for Chamber 1, and an Anemo CC is recommended to any of the teams. If you only have 1, then it’s recommended to add them in the 1st Half compared to the 2nd Half. The recommended element for the First Half is Hydro/Cryo because there are Pyro and Electro shields here. With the mentioned elements, you can break the respective elemental shields easily. 

Anemo CC here is great because each chamber can take advantage of that to gather most of the enemies. For the Second Half, the recommended element would be Pyro because of the various Cryo shields. It’s also best if you bring along at least one Cryo or Geo shielder for the last Chamber with the Primo Geovishap.

What are your thoughts on the guide to clear Genshin Impact 4.0 Spiral Abyss Floor 11 Update? Let us know in the comments below.

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