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Artist reimages Genshin Impact x Hades crossover and it looks stunning

The image has aroused the interest of many, who are eager for more

For a long time, Genshin Impact fans have wished for a multiple weapon yielder like Raiden and Childe. Many people feel that a Genshin Impact x Hades crossover, similar to the one that gave the character Aloy to Horizon Zero Dawn, would be a fantastic addition. A cross-over with Hades can bring Zagreus into the game, and given that he has more than two weapons, it’s an enticing prospect.

Genshin Impact Hades crossover
Image via u/ricofair

After all, he is Hades’s son, the deity of the underworld. His one-of-a-kind design would fit in nicely because Genshin is known for its character designs.

Supergiant Games developed and released Hades, a roguelike action dungeon crawler computer game. Players take control of Zagreus, Hades’ son, as he seeks to leave the Underworld and reach Mount Olympus, sometimes with the help of gifts bestowed on him by the Olympians. Each run takes the player through a different set of chambers, each with its own set of foes and prizes. The game’s characters are noted for their unique designs.

Genshin Impact x Hades reflects creativity at its best

Every day, Genshin fans recreate characters, and every time we see new work, we are blown away. This is what we anticipate these days, given that the fandom has access to some of the most gorgeous world-building, game, and character designs.

genshin impact hades crossover
Image via u/ricofair

The intricate lore is also a thing of beauty, with each narrative including numerous secrets that have yet to be solved and a storyline that may go in any way and yet wind up being one of the most complicated in gaming history.

The artwork was created by Reddit user ricofairs, who plans to create more as more archons are introduced in the game. Beelzebul is Ei’s original social name, hence Beelzebul is utilized. The current Electro Archon’s name is Ei, and she is Makoto’s sister. Because the populace is unaware that the previous Electro Archon died millennia ago, she is incorrectly referred to as Baal. Her moniker Ei was given to her for reasons unknown.

Genshin Impact x Hades
Image via u/ricofair

Well, with Ei’s rerun scheduled on March 8th, we are eagerly anticipating it. Check out our Raiden shogun guide if you’re intending on pulling for her.

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