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Genshin Impact Aloy Guide: Best weapons, artifacts and materials required for ascension

All you need to know about Aloy, and the ways to unleash her maximum potential.

Genshin Impact is an adventure RPG released by miHoyo in 2020. In a short period, the game has become one of the most successful adventure, RPG titles ever to have been released. Aloy is a new playable Cryo character in Genshin Impact. She is the first cross-over character to be released in Genshin as a part of a collaboration between Guerrilla Games and miHoYo. In this guide, we will tell you everything about Aloy in Genshin Impact and her talents, passive skills, best weapons, and artifacts along with the ascension materials required.

Aloy: Playstyle and skillset of the character

Genshin Impact Aloy Guide
Aloy in Genshin Impact

The character of Aloy is a hunter known for her shooting skills and being nimble. She is a 5-star bow-wielding character.

Rapid Fire       Normal Attack
Perform up to 4 consecutive shots with a bow.  
Rapid Fire Charged Attack
Perform a more precise Aimed Shot with increased DMG. While aiming, biting frost will accumulate on the arrowhead. A fully charged frost arrow will deal Cryo DMG
Rapid Fire Plunging Attack
Fires off a shower of arrows in mid-air before falling and striking the ground, dealing AoE DMG upon impact.
Frozen WildsElemental Skill
Aloy throws a Freeze Bomb in the targeted direction and triggers an explosion, dealing Cryo DMG. After it explodes, the Freeze Bomb will split up into many Chillwater Bomblets that explode on contact with opponents or after a short delay, dealing Cryo DMG.  
When a Freeze Bomb or Chillwater Bomblet hits an opponent, the opponent’s ATK is decreased and Aloy receives 1 Coil stack. Aloy can gain up to 1 Coil stack every 0.1s.  
Coil: Each stack increases Aloy’s Normal Attack DMG. When Aloy has 4 Coil stacks, all stacks of Coil are cleared. She then enters the Rushing Ice state, which further increases the DMG dealt by her Normal Attacks and converts her Normal Attack DMG to Cryo DMG.
Prophecies of DawnElemental Burst
Aloy throws a Power Cell filled with Cryo in the targeted direction, then detonates it with an arrow, dealing AoE Cryo Damage. 

Aloy’s Passive

  • Combat Override– When Aloy receives the Coil effect from Frozen Wilds, her ATK is increased by 16%, while nearby party members’ ATK is increased by 8%. This effect lasts 10s.
  • Strong Strike– When Aloy is in the Rushing Ice state conferred by Frozen Wilds, her Cryo DMG Bonus increases by 3.5% every 1s. A maximum Cryo DMG Bonus increase of 35% can be gained in this way.
  • Easy Does It– When Aloy is in the party, animals who produce Fowl, Raw Meat, or Chilled Meat will not be startled when party members approach them.

Aloy’s constellations

Currently, there are no constellations for Aloy but a Q&A section in Aloy’s introduction conducted by miHoYo hints at the constellations coming in the future.

Horizon Forbidden West has been delayed to 2022 and it is a possibility that Aloy’s constellations were a giveaway for her skills and abilities in the game which could be the reason for keeping the constellation under wraps for now.

Special Dish

Aloy DGenshin Impact Aloy Guideish
Aloy Dish

Satiety Gel is a special food item that the travellers have a chance to obtain by cooking Mint Jelly with Aloy. Aloy’s speciality is the cross-section that looks perfect, its shape is regular, and it gives off cool air. At first, Aloy seemed a bit apprehensive as to whether you’d enjoy this rather unique dessert, but she was relieved when you wolfed it all down in one go.

Artifacts Set for Aloy in Genshin Impact

4 piece Blizzard Strayer is the best option while playing Main DPS Aloy. An alternative for main DPS Aloy is 2 pc Blizzard Strayer and 2 pc Gladiator’s Finale/ Shimenawa’s Reminiscence.

The best set for sub-DPS is 2 pc Blizzard Strayer and 2 pc Noblesse Oblige while 4 pc blizzard strayer does the job when the team is Perma freeze.

Artifacts stats

ArtifactMain statSub Stat Priority
FlowerHPAtk%>>Crit Rate,Crit Damage>Atk> Energy Recharge> Elemental Mastery.
PlumeAttackAtk%>Crit Rate,Crit Damage>Atk> Energy Recharge> Elemental Mastery.
SandsAtk %Atk%>Crit Rate,Crit Damage>Atk> Energy Recharge> Elemental Mastery.
GobletCryo DamageAtk%>Crit Rate,Crit Damage>Atk> Energy Recharge> Elemental Mastery.
CircletCrit Rate/Crit DamageAtk%>Crit Rate,Crit Damage>Atk> Energy Recharge> Elemental Mastery.

Best Builds for Aloy

Being a cryo character, Aloy has access to Melt/Reverse melt damage multipliers and can alternatively wield the power of perma freeze comps, making her the main DPS character. Her kit also allows her to be a sub-DPS/burst support where she is working in a quick swap team dealing damage using her elemental skill and burst.

Talent Priority

  • Main Dps : Normal Attack > Elemental Skill > Elemental Burst.
  • Sub Dps/Burst Support : Elemental Burst > Elemental Skill > Normal Attack.

Materials required for ascension of Aloy

In this Genshin Impact Aloy Guide, we will look at the materials required for the Ascension of Kokomi from level 1 to level 90.

1xShivada Jade Silver
9xShivada Jade Fragment
9xShivada Jade Chunk
6xShivada Jade Gemstone
46xCrystalline Bloom
168xCrystal Marrow
18xSpectral Husk
30xSpectral Heart
36xSpectral Nucleus
Experience414 Hero’s wit, 13 Adventurer’s XP, 22 Wanderers advice, and 1,672,000 Mora

Talent Upgrade Materials for Aloy

The following materials are required to level up Aloy’s talents from level 1 up to level 10.

3xTeachings of Freedom
21xGuide to Freedom
38xPhilosophies of Freedom
6xSpectral Husk
22xSpectral Heart
31xSpectral Nucleus
6xMolten Moment
1xCrown of Insight

Best weapons for Aloy in Genshin Impact

For main DPS characters, the main attack is a priority therefore high base attacks or weapons that boost normal attacks are the best. Thundering Pulse and Skyward Harp are the best 5-star bows. Among the 4-star bows, Rust is the best with Hamayumi being the f2p alternative.

Note – Predator Bow (Aloy’s signature weapon synergises well with her but the only way to obtain is via Playstation and even after obtaining the passive only works when playing on the console.) For sub-DPS Thundering Pulse is the best 5 star with Aloy, Elegy for the end, and Stringless are the best options in 4 stars.

Best Team Comps for Aloy

The best compositions for Aloy are Perma Freeze and Melt.

In the Morgana team (Mona, Diona, Venti, Ganyu), Ganyu can be replaced with Aloy to deal high damage consistently. Although Aloy may not match Ganyu in terms of damage potential, she does a good job. For players without Venti, Sucrose is almost a like to like replacement.

For melt teams, Aloy can be paired with any one of Xiangling, Diluc and Bennet.

Aloy due to her low cooldown and 40 cost burst is a great addition to a quick swap team as she can easily spam her burst. Pairing her with Bennet to boost her damage as well as triggering melt along with Chongyun for Cryo resonance and Sucrose/Venti with 4 pc Viridescent Vineer to shred resistance is an example of a quick swap team that can dish out big damage. Experiment with your well built low cost burst characters and see how Aloy fits into it for the best results.

How to obtain Aloy

Players can receive Aloy via in-game mail after logging in to the game on any available platform during version 2.2. Players need to be Adventurer Rank 20 or above to get their hands on Aloy. For players who have PlayStation can use the cross-save function to get access to Aloy and then use it on mobile.

That’s all for today’s Genshin Impact Aloy Guide. Did you like our guide on Aloy in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below.

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