Candy Crush trends after cricket legend MS Dhoni was seen playing it 

A small clip taken during a flight has shaken up the internet

Candy Crush, irrefutably among one of the most iconic mobile games with billions of downloads, which often finds references in pop culture, recently saw its numbers going up rapidly and all of that, was thanks to someone who is also irrefutably among one of the most iconic players of Cricket – The Captain who led the Indian National Team to its infamous 2011 World Cup win, deadly behind the stumps and a legend for the country, the now retired MS Dhoni, as a video of him playing the game on his tablet aboard an IndiGo flight was shared on Twitter.

MS Dhoni plays Candy Crush as the Air hostess gifts him chocolates

To be more specific and illustrate the extent of a celebrity’s influence, let’s say that all that transpired was caused by a single video where one of the air hostesses can be seen carrying a collection of chocolates, intended for Dhoni during the flight. The cricketer warmly acknowledged her gesture while interacting with her. Within the same video, a tab displaying Candy Crush was visible on the tray table in front of Dhoni.

Meanwhile, as soon as it was observed that the player was playing the game Candy Crush Saga, all it took was for people to start tweeting about it and downloading the game, and King, the franchise’s developer, and publisher, certainly appreciate all the unanticipated and complimentary attention. Moreover, the game reportedly got over 3.6 million downloads within a few hours of the clip being uploaded to the internet. 

Candy Crush MS Dhoni
Image via Twitter

Being associated with a famous person who is well-known and adored by their fans is recognized to have lots of benefits for the company. The idea of brand ambassadors in marketing was created for this reason. Of course, there are instances, such as this one, where individuals are persuaded to buy a certain brand after spotting an endorsement by someone like MS Dhoni. Even if it’s just a brief clip, the impact is enhanced since players like him are revered in India, where the population is infatuated with the game.

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