Clash of Clans Redditor designs much-needed Clan Capital upgrade log concept

Supercell should consider adding the menu, a really effective one!

The Clash of Clans Summer update last June brought some Quality of Life improvements and Balance Changes. Besides, the Clan Capital System introduced Capital Peak, districts, etc. But the game was running with its old system of displaying the upgrade progress which the game shows on top of the particular building/item that is being upgraded. So, Clash of Clans Redditor Winter_Permission328 comes up with a concept of adding an ‘Upgrade Log’ QoL feature in the Clan Capital.

CoC Clan Capital upgrade log concept comes with interesting features

clash of clans clan capital upgrade log concept
Image via u/Winter_Permission328

As the design of the new upgrade log shows, there’s a pinned upgrade section on top of the upgrade log so that the players can see the progress of a particular upgrade that is important. And, members will go for contributing to that pinned item first. Besides, it is better for cooperation and coordination among the clan members.

When the Clan capital was out for the first time, players had to go through an ‘obstacle/wall’ battle, and some players intentionally wasted gold on removing obstacles to annoy others. However, some clans came up with dedicated members to spend money on obstacles.

The next important thing in the upgrade log is the contributor list. Players will now see the top-five contributors on each item by tapping on it. Moreover, players will be allowed to hide capital contributions in Settings.

clash of clans clan capital upgrade log concept
Image via u/Winter_Permission328

So, they’ll be encouraged to contribute to something that is pinned/suggested. Leaders can also watch them on the list. And players who don’t want to contribute to those items can hide the feature in Settings. Though we spotted mixed comments on the Reddit thread, the contribution list with some changes will be a really effective thing for the players.

Besides the concept image, there could be a ‘suggested upgrades’ section on the menu as well. So that players do not have to check individual camps for upgrades. Showing the overall list of ready-for-upgrade items will also be a help for finding important ones and making a queue of them based on their priority.

Finally, the magical touch from Supercell can make new things more enjoyable. We may see the changes in the near future.

What are your thoughts on the Clash of Clans Clan Capital upgrade log concept? Let us know in the comments below!

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