Clash of Clans: Best clan castle troops to defend your base

What's your preferred combination of troops?

As you know, in Clash of Clans, all villages already have a Clan Castle when a new account is created, but it is in ruins and can be rebuilt when you reach Town Hall level 3. The Clan Castle acts as a house for troops that help in attacking other villages or defend your own base. The castle also acts as a treasury of your village. The Clan Castle comes with different levels. you need to upgrade your clan castle while upgrading your town hall to get a bigger space for more troops and increase the treasure. So, in this article, let us see the best clan castle troops to defend your base in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans: Feature of the Clan Castle

Clash of Clans clan castle

The biggest feature and most common use of the Clan Castle are to house donated troops. All clan members can fill the Clan Castle with troops donated from the clanmates. This request shows up on the clan chat and must be completed by clanmates. In return, players receive experience points for donations. You get 1 point for each housing space you donated. You don’t get experience by donating to Clan War and Clan War Leagues. The donation limit is based on the level of your Clan Perks. Once you reach clan level 8 you can donate up to 8 troops. Once you reach Clan level 3 you will also get a partial refund of the resources to spend training the donations.

Clan Castle on defense

Clan Castle is a very important building to defend your village. It houses a maximum of 45 housing space units. The troops will leave the Clan Castle to defend your village upon attack. The Clan Castle has a range of 12 tiles. Once an enemy troop gets inside this radius the donated troops will leave the Clan Castle and fight them, just as your Heroes.

Clan Castle
Range of the Clan Castle

The troops killed defending your village are wasted, so after every defense on multiplayer you must request new troops. Spells and Siege Machine stored on the Clan Castle are not used on defense.

Best troops for defense for different Town Halls 8 to 14

General Tips

  • Donate max level troops – Try to donate max level or at least high-level troops as they are important for defense.
  • Donate/keep a variety of troops in Clan Castle – Donating the same troops makes it easier for the opponent to predict and prepare for a strong attack. Hence always remember to have a variety of troops for defense.
  • Ensure the Clan Castle can protect against both air and ground attacks – Having a mix of troops that can attack both grounds, as well as air troops, is key to win.
  • Troop donation order does not affect deployment order – The order that troops are donated to the Clan Castle does not affect the deployment order. The order troops will deploy is determined by the lowest housing space first, then the lowest level first.

Town Hall 8 (25 housing space)

Town Hall 8 Clan Castle has less space. Hence the best clan castle troops to fit in the 25 housing space to help defend in Clash of clans are:

  • Dragon and a Balloon
Clash of Clans best clan castle troops to defend
  • Baby Drag, Witch, and 3 Archers
  • Baby Drag, Valkyrie, Wizard, and 3 Archers

Town Hall 8 are higher under the attack of mass hog riders or drags among air troops. Hence having a combination of both air and ground troops is always the safest option. Always have high-level troops in your CC to have a strong defense.

Town Hall 9 (30 housing space)

With a troop space of 30 Th9 holds a capacity to home good clan castle troops for defense. The best troops for defense are:

  • Electro Drag – Nothing beats the electro drag. With an extremely high hit points it is hard to kill easily. Also it is effective at taking out groups of troops such as Bowlers, Hog Riders, Valkyries and can even take out a medium level Archer Queen from full health with a single hit.
Clash of Clans best clan castle troops to defend
  • Lava Hound – Hounds are extremely good for defense as they have high hit points. They attack slow but when destroyed it breaks into several lava hound pups which attack aggressively and is enough to take out a Queen or troops like Golems.
  • Different combinations of Baby Drag: The Baby Dragon can be very effective at taking out groups of troops. Along with baby drag witches are effective as they spawn small skeletons alongside which can give heavy damage to ground troops. Valkyries are good ground troops that help kill enemy ground troops effectively. The wizards though have fewer hit points, they give immense damage to ground/air troops.
  1. 1 Baby Drag, 1 Witch, 1 Valk
  2. 1 Baby Drag, 2 Valks, and Wizard
  3. 1 Baby Drag, Witch, and 2 Wizards
Clash of Clans best clan castle troops to defend
  • Dragon and 2 Balloons – Dragons can take a lot of damage as it has good HP. They can easily knock out many air / ground troops at the same time. Balloons yield huge damage on ground troops. It can easily knock off high level Queen or King or ground troops like hogs, etc.

Town Hall 10 and 11 (35 housing space)

Town Hall 10 and Town Hall 11 have a good housing space for troops. Common attacks on TH 10 and 11 are Queen walk, mass bowler attack or electro drag attack. One needs to protect their town hall against these common attacks. The best clan castle troops to defend your base in Clash of Clans are listed below:

  • Dragon and 3 Balloons : As said earlier drags and loons are always a great combination for defense at any th level. Dragons have high HP while loons can give heavy damage.
  • Baby Drag, Valk, Witch, Wizard, and Archer : Baby drags are aggressive attackers and they can attack both ground as well as air troops. Mixing baby drags along with wizards or witch along with Valkyries or archers makes the defense pretty strong.
Clash of Clans best clan castle troops to defend
  • Lava Hound and Balloon – Lava hounds along with their hound pups act as excellent defend troops against air and ground attacks. When the CC space increases, you can have a balloon alongside. Loons incur heavy damage on ground troops and can knock off a King or Queen easily.
  • 2 Super Minions, 1 Head Hunter and 5 goblins – Super troops are super effective for th defense. Super minions are fierce troops that can destroy a Queen walk attack easily. The goblins will leave your CC first allowing themselves to distract the Queen while the Head Hunter can poison her, followed by the super minions killing her!

Town Hall 12 (40 housing space)

The common attacks on Town Hall 12 are Queen Walk, Mass hog Rider attacks, mass bowler attacks, or even attack by witches. So having troops that can effectively defend your TH against these attacks is a major concern. Here are a few combinations of troops that you could be using:

  • 2 Dragons : Dragons with very high HP and good damage levels are great for defense. What could be better if instead of one you can be using 2 drags?
Clash of Clans best clan castle troops to defend
  • 1 Baby drags, 1 ice golem, 1 witch, 3 goblins : Ice golems are slow in their attack but can freeze the opponent troops which provides extra time for baby drags and witch to knock off the enemy troops.
  • Lava Hound and 2 Balloons : Hounds have high hit points which will definitely slow your enemies. Once destroyed, the hound breaks into smaller pups which have a high damage. Alongside, the two loons will help in destroying enemy troops in masses like bowlers or even the Queen or King.
  • Baby Drag, 2 Witches, and a Bowler : Baby drags incur good damages on air as well as ground troops. Witches can damage both air as well as ground troops. Though they are slow, they have the ability to summon an army of skeletons which give good damage to ground troops. Bowlers can help with defending ground troops.

Town Hall 13 and 14 (45 housing space)

Mass bowlers, miners and yeti are common attacks on Town Hall 13 and TH 14. Queen Walk is also common. Slowing these troops is a major concern. This is a list of few troops that might help:

  • 3 witches, 9 archers – A combination of witches and archers are perfect against any air or ground troops. The skeleton army summoned by the witch acts a boost to your defense. Without proper spells, an enemies Queen or King can be easily destroyed. Also they will help in reducing the speed of the attack.
Clash of Clans best clan castle troops to defend
  • 1 Ice Golem, 1 Lava Hound : Ice golems slow troops by freezing them while hounds and hound pups attack fiercely on enemy troops.
  • 2 Super Minions, 1 Witch, 1 Headhunter, 3 Goblins: Using super troops like super minion can be very effective as they have high damage points along with high HP. The goblins can attract the attention of the troops while the head hunter will poison them. Meanwhile, minions can find a way to attack enemy troops and destroy them easily. Very effective against Queen Walk.

Additional Note

Also, defensive Wall Breakers will run towards your troops and deal damage to them by blowing themselves up. However, the damage they do is hardly anything to worry about, especially since they die upon attacking, so they are not recommended for defensive CCs.

Did you find this Clash of Clans guide on the best clan castle troops to defend your base helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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Nice content and great work.


Amazing post

jacob palmer

Judo Sloth on youtube does a great video for 2020. However, with change to donations in 2021. My clan seems to struggle with defense against dragons due to the rank of our clan and a lot of the good cc is for ground. The mixed baby drag,witch strat seems to hold okay but struggles.


3 ice golems can totally stall out an attack


Electro drag is a bad idea for TH9, with lighting and drag spam, the electro drag will get swarmed

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