Clash of Clans Clan Capital stats for the first month is quite astonishing

Clan Capital is the latest game mode to be added to the game!

According to the stats received from Clash of Clans, the Clan Capital has proven to be a hit among gamers. The stats of the first month were shared on Twitter by the official handle of Clash of Clans. It can be seen that there has been a lot of engagement in the recently added game mode.

Players have engaged in a lot of battles to prove their dominance in the game. And this is clearly visible in the stats shared by Supercell.

Clan Capital was introduced to increase interaction between clan members

The Clan Capital was introduced in the game to make the members of a clan more interactive with each other. It has been developed in the form of a centralized hub where members of a Clan contribute to the construction and upgrading of a massive base. All the members of a particular clan can upgrade and strengthen the Clan Capital. Building the base will lead to gaining more troops which will give them an upper hand when engaging in battles.

Clan Capital stats
Image via Supercell

The most interesting thing about Clan Capital is that during a Raid Weekend. Clans will engage in fierce battles with each other and try to destroy the Clan Capital. The victorious clan will receive Capital Gold and Raid Medals as rewards. The more rewards one gets the more they will be able to purchase reinforcement troops

Clan Capital stats of the first month reveal how much players enjoyed this feature

The latest stats show that many players have participated in upgrading and maintaining their respective Clan Capitals. This also ascertains the fact that players are enjoying this latest feature in the game from Supercell. Clash of Clans is a game that relies heavily on strategy.

Clash of Clans Clan Capital stats
Image via Supercell

This new feature has surely made players interested enough to strategize together and enjoy their beloved game. Going forward it can be said that Clan Capital will take the game to the next level where it continues to draw more and more players.

What are your thoughts about the first month Clan Capital stats in Clash of Clans? Let us know in the comments below!

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