Clash Royale fan shares a Fan card concept that pushes units further away

Blowing air? Nah, its blowing away!

Card concepts in Clash Royale aren’t new, but it is always lovely to see some unique ideas getting pitched. A fantastic card concept has been offered by a fan, this time via the popular r/ClashRoyale Reddit community as a player has shared an interesting Fan card concept that has the ability to push units further away in Clash Royale.

The Fan is a building card that has the ability to push units away

In the concept video shared by Reddit user u/MehmetSalihKoten, who has previously shared unique card concepts such as the Magnet Building cardDrop-a-troop-Balloon, and Clock Tower card concept, a Fan is dropped in the arena which is shown pushing the opponent troops back.

In the gameplay video shared, the Fan building card was dropped in front of his Crown Tower. As the opponent played the Barbarians, the Fan began pushing the units further back. In the next clip, the Super PEKKA dropped on the bridge and was pushed directly to the King Tower, which directly hit it for a three-crown win.

This is comparable to the Super Archer card in the game, and it would not be a stretch to suggest that the Fan card drew some inspiration from it. The Super Archers’ powerful arrows cause massive damage to opposing troops and can drive back any force of any size.

reddit reaction fan card
Image via Supercell

The idea card was enthusiastically received by the community, amassing over 2.2k upvotes in under 18 hours and prompting many inventive comments along the road. In this manner, we can say that fans anticipate such thoughts and good ones like these open the door to creative conversations.

What are your thoughts about this new Fan card concept that pushes troops away in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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