Clash Royale: Supercell requests community feedback on Card Level 15 ahead of an update

Do we really need a Card Level 15?

Clash Royale is a game that is built around updates and challenges. It’s been pretty well-balanced and engaging to play over the years. The roadmap for the year 2023 recently revealed what’s in store for fans, including the arrival of card level 15. However, this did not sit well with the fans, who quickly showed their disinterest in the update. The community reaction was so negative that Supercell contacted them to get their feedback on the upcoming card level 15 in Clash Royale.

The reasons behind Supercell’s community post

Clash Royale revealed the roadmap for game updates and features in February to give fans a sneak peek. When such plans are announced, it is common for many to be excited about the upcoming additions, and the team expected the same this time as well. However, the excitement was dampened by one feature that Supercell included in the plans.

The introduction of a new Card Level 15 was discussed on the roadmap. This was so badly received that it overshadowed some other amazing update plans. Players reacted that this would have an impact on a large number of cards when they are released and might unbalance the current gameplay.

It was only a matter of time before this caught the attention of Supercell. They contacted the Reddit community r/ClashRoyale about the heat they are receiving on the upcoming plan of a new card level within a week of releasing the roadmap, even before the actual planning of the release, and the community reacts.

Many players are unhappy with the new card level

As expected, the majority of responses were in opposition to the new card level. There were a few key talking points the community pointed out.

Clash Royale Level 15 card feedback
Clash Royale Card Level 15 feedback (Image via Reddit)
  • It takes way too long to max out a deck. The progression for gold is not enough and thus, slows down the process of upgrading. Upgrading and grinding gold/cards for new levels is not enjoyable in the least.
  • Most players were on the point that new levels bring nothing new to the game with the only difference being that players who have already maxed out their decks must do so again.
  • Making all level 14 cards automatically upgrade to level 15. This way, it can avoid the new players will have to work harder to reach level 15 rather than just level 14.
  • Few other players had the game was never about maxing out the cards. It was about the competitive nature of the game that was exciting, and new card levels will just kill it.

There were a few positive points mentioned, but that didn’t stand out with the sea of reactions washing them away to the shore. With the reactions received, we will have to wait and see what’ll be the next steps taken.

What is your feedback on the Card Level 15 update in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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Don’t do it. It’ll kill the game.

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