Clash Royale shares its most popular cards, emotes, and events of 2022

Find out which card was the most popular in 2022, maybee it was your favourite card!

Clash Royale, the popular card game of Supercell and part of the Clash Universe franchise has recently posted some end-of-the-year stats on its official social media handle. It includes the most popular cards and emojis used in Clash Royale various miscellaneous and fun clips as well as some in-game stats of the past year.

And when a game has as big of a following as Clash Royale, such posts automatically become a point of interest for many, and we will summarize the shared information for them.

2022 saw numerous shifts in the existing meta of Clash Royale as well as the addition of multiple new cards in the game. The constantly shifting meta at the beginning of the season saw players use a variety of cards without any particular card being effective or overpowered for an extended period of time in the top ladder. As per the official reports of Clash Royale, here are the top five cards in the game for the year 2022.

1. Log

Clash Royale balance changes June 2022
Image via Supercell

Log has consistently been in the upper ends of the popularity lists ever since it got introduced to the game way back in the year 2016. The card is known for being extremely versatile and could be effectively used to counter swarms, break up big pushes and stop charging troops. The card still being popular is a testament to it being a Legendary, and a worthy one at that.

2. Valkyrie

Image via Supercell

Valkyrie is probably one of the best cards in the game right now when it comes to value. The card has a lot of health, deals decent damage, and has devastating splash damage that can mop up swarms in no time. She is a great card to stop pushes and build a counter push with her in the lead, preferably ahead of a Hog Rider.

3. Skeleton Army

Skeleton Army, Skarmy
Image via Supercell

The Skeleton Army has forever been one of the most loved cards in the Clash Royale community. One of the cards which have existed in the game since day one, the Skeleton Army subsequently saw a decline in popularity in higher arenas but retained its position as a tower buster in the lower arenas. As of now, the Skeleton Army, or the Larry Army as many call it, is the third most popular card in the game.

4. Goblin Barrel

Goblin Barrel
Image via Supercell

The Goblin Barrel is one of the sneakiest and most fun cards that one can use in the game Clash Royale. This card is absurdly good at catching an opponent off guard when they are low on elixir and are unable to place any cards to counter the Barrel. The pesky goblins can be very troublesome and rapidly whittle down the health of a tower.

5. Mini P.E.K.K.A.

Clash Royale Mini Pekka Deck Cover
Image via Supercell

The Mini P.E.K.K.A. is universally loved by all Clash Royale players due to the value it offers. The Mini P.E.K.K.A. deals a huge amount of damage and is therefore widely used as a tank killer and can also be used in offensive pushes with adequate support. If used properly the Mini P.E.K.K.A. can outperform many legendaries and come put on top as the MVP of a game.

Well, one cannot really have the complete fun of a match without spamming some emotes now and then in Clash Royale. While some are appreciative, some can very well make a frustrated player even more frustrated as a result.

Chicken emote
Image via Supercell

The chicken-screaming emote is officially the most used emote in Clash Royale for the year 2022, and anyone who has been playing the game will agree with this stat. Meanwhile, the least used emote has been the Fisherman’s Fish Cake emote.

Clash Royale, like always, has one or the other event running in the game, all year long. From the numerous events that took place in the past year of 2022, we have gotten a list of the top 4 events in the year as picked based on the number of matches contested in the particular mode.

1. Arena Challenge

In the Arena Challenge, players were required to build their own deck exclusively with cards unlocked at or below a certain Arena, regardless of their present ladder arena. Starting from Arena 1, players had to win battles to progress through the arenas and unlock more cards to play with on the way to so.

2. Super Witch Challenge

The Super Witch was a legendary card made available to play only in the said event for a period of one week. The Super Witch was an amalgamation of the three existing witches in the game, the Witch, Night Witch, and Mother Witch. The Super Witch spawned Skeletons, Bats, and Hogs and had moderately high hitpoints, and most importantly, was a fun card to play with.

Clash Royale Mirror Decks Challenge Cover
Image via Supercell

3. Mighty Miner Launch Party

The Mighty Miner launch Party was the vent that was available on the eve of the launch of the Mighty Miner, the latest Hero card in the game back then, and certainly a powerful one. The extremely interesting mechanisms of the Mighty Miner prompted a very large number of players to participate in the event and take a shot at playing the card themselves to find out what the buzz was all about.

4. Monk Launch Party

The Monk Launch Party was launched to commemorate the launch of the Monk, the latest Hero card in the game as of now. The Monk was an instant hit among the players and gained popular status soon after the event.


So that was it for the stats released by Clash Royale earlier. The game is still riding on a decent wave of popularity as is evident from the whopping 33.9 billion battles contested in the game over the period of a year. Supercell, as always are aiming to keep the community engaged and draw the most out of their games and enhance their longevity, something that the developing studio is known for.

Did you play Clash Royale in 2022? If so, what were your most used cards and popular emojis that you fell in love with in Clash Royale in the past year? Let us know in the comments below!

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