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Fan recreates NieR: Automata on Android with Unreal Engine

Square Enix’s popular action RPG is now playable on mobile!

NieR: Automata, Square Enix’s popular Hack-n-Slash with RPG elements for PC which puts players into the shoes of skilled fighters in a dangerous world is now somehow playable on mobile. This is possible through the efforts of someone who made use of Unreal Engine, Epic Games’ game development tool to remake NieR: Automata for Android.

The game looks pretty similar to the original NieR: Automata 

The recreation of the game does look quite rough albeit similar to the original in one of the videos posted to Reddit calling for attention to this creation. It seems like those who worked on it made quite an effort to make it playable. 

In case you weren’t aware of NieR: Automata, the game has been around on PC for a while now. The game has got an extremely positive response and the players are infatuated with the gameplay. The game’s story is where Androids 2B, 9S, and A2 try to battle it out and take back over the world controlled by mechanized threats.

The game features an open world, fluid-looking combat visuals, action-packed gameplay, and more. It is one of the best Square Enix titles in recent times. The unofficial Android build can be tried out here. Although fair warning, this might not be up to the mark since it’s not something coming to us as an official mobile build.

In case you do want a more safe and playable alternative, Punishing Gray Raven (which is collaborating with NieR: Automata right now) or NieR: Reincarnation, an official mobile title by Square Enix are good choices. That being said though, projects like this are always appreciated since they bring something new and innovative to the platform.

What are your thoughts as it is now possible to play NieR Automata on Android mobile? Let us know in the comment section below!

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