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Genshin Impact fan creates a graphic to show all in-game characters and their weapons

Electro and Cryo on top of the list!

Genshin Impact only has seven playable elements and only five weapons to choose from. There are sixty-two playable characters as of version 3.4 yet some elements/weapons combo still does not exist. It might be difficult to keep track of how many characters of each weapons type exist, so one Genshin Impact player has created a helpful visual graphic guide and shared it on the official subreddit.

Player creates graphic to visualize elements and weapons of all Genshin Impact Characters

The graphic by the reddit user helps players see exactly how many characters of each weapon type belong to an element. Seven elements and five weapon types make for thirty-five unique combinations, yet despite there being sixty-two characters there is no Hydro claymore, Dendro claymore, and Cryo catalyst. Understandably, HoYoverse is reluctant to release a Cryo catalyst character since they would be able to cause unlimited Permafreeze since catalysts can apply the respective element with their normal attacks.

Freeze is without a doubt one of the strongest team archetypes in Genshin Impact, with Ayaka Permafreeze being the best Freeze team available for players to build. Despite Ayaka being a sword user, she has a way of maintaining permanent Cryo infusion through her passive skill and it makes her deadly, a catalyst version of a character like Ayaka would be too powerful.

It is still unknown why HoYoverse has not released a Hydro claymore character. A claymore character would have a slow attack speed, and the best Hydro characters have a high rate of Hydro application. A Hydro claymore character probably would not be as powerful as a Cryo catalyst character, but it is up to HoYoverse to decide. 

Graphic reveals Electro and Cryo with the most number of characters

Dendro is the latest playable element in Genshin Impact and it is steadily getting more characters in its roster. Players should not worry too much about the lack of a Dendro claymore user right now, since the element is very new and new characters are being added every patch. The graphic shows that Electro and Cryo are tied for having the most number of characters. Out of the two, only Electro has completed all the weapon types as Cryo still lacks a catalyst user.

Genshin Impact Qiqi Dairy Collaboration
Image via HoYoverse

The graphic shows that sword and bow are tied for having the most number of characters. Some of the best characters in the entire game belong to one of these two weapon types. The graphic also shows that Claymore is the most underrepresented weapon type. This makes sense since Genshin Impact’s combat system is based on fast-paced gameplay involving switching characters very frequently. The slow attack speed of claymores does not complement this style of gameplay. Claymore also has the fewest number of META characters.

Final Thoughts

Genshin Impact received consistent monthly updates and new characters are added to the roster almost every month. It is only a matter of time before the missing element/weapon combo character shows up.

What are your thoughts about the Graphic showing characters and weapons of Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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