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Genshin Impact player creates a helpful Domain Rotation Infographic

A very useful yet cute infographic!

A Genshin Impact player has created a domain rotation infographic detailing which domain drops which materials for which character on which days of the week. Genshin Impact players have to farm ascension materials for characters and weapons from domains. Domains that drop weapon ascension materials are called Domains of Forgery and domains that drop character ascension materials are called Domains of Mastery. There are four of each in every nation that has been released so far, and they drop materials for characters and weapons belonging to the respective nations.

Unlike artifact domains that drop the same artifacts every day of the week, ascension material domains rotate through materials every day. One particular material can only be farmed on either Monday/Thursday, Tuesday/Friday or Wednesday/Saturday, while on Sundays players have the freedom to choose which material they want to farm for. There is no doubt that all Genshin Impact players would love to have this option for the entire week, but unfortunately, every day cannot be Sunday.

The Genshin Impact community is thankful for the Domain Rotation Infographic

When players are farming for a certain character, they have to do it three days a week and since there are so many different talent books, it becomes pretty difficult to keep track of which domain to farm on what day of the week. To alleviate this problem, a Genshin Impact player has kindly created an infographic detailing which domain drops which materials for which character on which days of the week.

The infographic uses a soft pastel color palette which makes it look friendly and cozy. Instead of using any official art, this infographic uses the official in-game emoji version of each character, which further adds to the warmth that a player feels while looking at a domain guide for their favorite characters.

Final Thoughts 

Genshin Impact Domain
Image via HoYoverse

This infographic points out that each day of the week, one particular domain drops talent materials for a maximum of 7 characters. This number could become higher as time passes and more character from a region is released. A high number of characters sharing drops from the same domain makes it difficult to raise their talent levels. Players can only hope that one-day Hoyoverse would let them choose which materials to farm for, to make life easier. Until then, this guide will come really handy.

What are your thoughts about the Domain Rotation Infographic created by a Genshin Impact player? Let us know in the comments below!

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