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Genshin Impact streamer Kylorren_lol faces backlash for racist comments

This is not the first time that the hate comments or racist comments have been in the talks among the Genshin community

Controversy is not a new thing for Genshin Impact, ever since the game’s debut in September 2020 it has seen various incidents that have stirred the communities reaction. In a recent event, Latin American Genshin Impact streamer Kylorren lol while disagreeing with the popular streamer Tenha on a video made on Keqing went out of line and used racist remarks during his live stream.

The drama started when Kylorren_lol decided to react to Tenha’s video in which Tenha supposedly called his Keqing the best Keqing on youtube, Kylo was not of the same opinion and voiced his thoughts by tweeting how he is going to do a damage comparison between his C0 Keqing with Tenha’s C6 Keqing. 

Kylorren lol genshin impact

Tenha trying to distance himself from Kylo replied that Kylo wins but it did not end here. In his attempt to prove his superiority Kylo said that he is going to be making a reaction video to compare the damage but Tenha in all his right asked Kylo to not use his video without his permission.

The content is owned by Tenha and he has all the rights to copyright strike anyone using his content without his permission. After this discussion, Kylo was visibly angry and he vented out his anger during his livestream by saying “What the hell is wrong with you Chinaman”.The thing took a turn for the worse when Kylo further reacting to a chat added “I work for Chinese people, they are the worst. The worst people in this world.”

The comments did not bode well with the Genshin community and other content creators like Enviosity, Tectone, and AsianGuyStream (Atsu) among others came to support Tenha.

At the time of writing this article Kylo has deactivated his Twitter account but his twitch and youtube accounts are still active. The aforementioned livestream has been deleted by there is evidence of his misconduct online.

What the other Genshin Impact content creators said based on comments from Kylorren lol

Reaction from the Genshin Impact community

Not the first time 

This is not the first time that the hate comments or racist comments have been in the talks among the Genshin community. Previously English voice actors were targetted during the 2.1 livestream and #BoycottGenshin was also trending earlier this year when fans were unhappy with some in-game content.

The hate and the racist comments from Kylorren lol are totally unacceptable, be it for Genshin Impact or for anything else. In no way or form and in context racial slurs are justifiable. We hope that every player of Genshin Impact’s diverse community is able to enjoy the game without having to face racial abuse and the small part of the community that is part of the hateful culture learns from this incident to be inclusive of all the people.

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