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Genshin Impact: Tighnari voice actor, Elliot Gindi will no longer voice the character in upcoming updates

The actor has admitted to the accusations in a Twitter post

Genshin Impact has recently landed in a new controversy that has been attracting a lot of flak from the players. In a shocking revelation, the voice actor of one of the popular characters in Genshin Impact Tighnari, Elliot Issac Gindi has been accused of sexual harassment after his chats with accusers came to light recently.

An official confirmation has been passed on by Genshin Impact, saying that Elliot Gindi will no longer be involved in voice-acting for the character of Tighnari in upcoming server updates, over a breach of contract.

The voice actor has apologized for his actions

Elliot Gindi is a well-known name in the Genshin Impact community. His English voiceover for Tighnari was widely received and was participating in fan interactions, including the one where he did he featured in a video that provided insight into the incorrect pronunciation of character names. However, the recent accusations against the actor have sent the community to shock.

His actions were first revealed in December of last year when one of his former Discord moderators revealed chat logs from three accusers that contained messages that sexually harassed and blackmailed victims on the receiving end of social media. What was even more shocking was that the victims were underage at the time of the alleged abuse.

However, on February 8th, the voice actor apologized on Twitter for his actions. He admitted that the screenshots were genuine and that the part about threatening suicide if the news got out was also true. However, he denied that he knowingly interacted with anyone under the age of 18 or made transphobic remarks.

He further added: I understand what I did was wrong and inappropriate, and to the best of my ability tried to confess as much to those I contacted. I reacted inappropriately to situations where I felt desired, and caused harm to so many people in the process. I understand that my actions have consequences, and am committing myself to accept my responsibility while making the effort to get and do better.”

Fans are outraged by the news, with many calling for the role to be recast

Fans are unhappy with the stuff that happened. They are calling for the actor to be replaced and the role to be recast. Without a doubt, the call for a boycott of his work. Chris Faiella, the voice acting director of Genshin Impact, has stated that the matter will be discussed with the HoYoverse higher-ups and resolved as soon as possible. He also expressed his dismay at the news and his disbelief in such unacceptable and inappropriate behavior.

Genshin Impact Kokomi voice actor harassed, Genshin Impact voice actor
Images via Genshin Impact Wiki

It was not the first time Genshin Impact fell into such controversy. Kokomi Chinese voice actor was harassed during the live stream by fans and had to restrict her chat. Harassment cases, whether large or small and should not be ignored at any cost. Because of fear or threats, the majority of victims remain silent. This must be stopped, and if it cannot, the victims must not remain silent.

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