Minecraft fan creates the fictional planet of Gallifrey from Doctor Who

The iconic sci-fi show makes it to the blocky world of Minecraft!

Another day, another cool Minecraft build, and today we, have the planet of Gallifrey to show of, courtesy of u/tucker-ed out, a Reddit user who posted his world where he recreated the home of the Time Lords.

The builder said in a comment describing their work “Gallifrey has a fully explorable interior which has every single location from the show! There are regenerating Timelords, Daleks, Cybermen, Chancellery Guards, and more!“. The world is actually incredibly detailed and true to the show, doing a great job of bringing the world to Minecraft.

Players can experience the beautiful world of Gallifrey from Doctor Who in Minecraft

The builder explained that players on the Java version of the game can check it out for themselves via the Cosmos 2 server for the game. The build has been completed in a completely vanilla build of the game with certain plugins and custom model data.

Like some other builds like the Milky Way Galaxy, the Region of Onigashima, Gotham City, and the battleship from the Gulf War (to mention some of the many we’ve seen here), the creator here out in all their efforts towards presenting build that really captures the true essence of their inspiration and put in hours and hours of creativity and hard work. 

Minecraft Gallifrey Doctor Who
Image via Reddit

Doctor Who has been a major, genre-defining name in pop culture and has been airing for decades with dozens of seasons so it’s really cool to see that overlap with the Minecraft community that has had similar aspects. To look at the complete set of pictures of the planet of Gallifrey and get details on the accessible map, players can check out the creator’s Reddit profile.  

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