Minecraft player creates new abilities for the Enderman using mod

Creepers aren’t the only mobs creeping up on you now!

In the past, we’ve covered some awesome Minecraft builds, from Star Wars Death Star, a recreation of a battleship, Mario Odyssey’s Cap Kingdom, One Piece’s Onigashima, Planet Gallifrey from Doctor Who, Bloodborne’s Yharnam and many others that caught the eye of players in the community and received praise for being masterpieces, created with a lot of creativity and hard work. Today, however, we have something new in the form of a mod as a Minecraft player has created new abilities for the Enderman.

The Player gave new upgrades to the Enderman in Minecraft

A Minecraft player who goes by u/ndm250 on Reddit, made edits to the game’s code and made some pretty big changes to how Enderman works in the game. In a video uploaded to Reddit, which has gathered tens of thousands of upvotes, the player has shown off his mod. In the mod, the Enderman comes up to him and then actually picks up the player.

After which the player is teleported along with the Enderman. He takes the player to a cliff and proceeds to throw them off, along with an explanation that says “I’m working on some new enderman behavior, what do you think?” 

Now one of the commenters puts it perfectly, saying “When endermen were first introduced, they were an otherworldly horror, supernatural, dangerous, scary. Now, we are used to them. We know how to combat them. They are a minor hazard at best. Make endermen the stuff of nightmares again.

Kidnap you straight to the end. Take the door off your home during a zombie swarm. Steal your bed from your home and lose your spawn point. Teleport directly into your line of sight if you hold still too long.”

Minecraft Enderman new abilities
Image via Reddit

This is yet another display of creativity and dedication by a Minecraft player. Changes like these are honestly something the developers should pick up and work on to make the game even more thrilling. 

What are your thoughts on the new custom abilities given to the Enderman in Minecraft using the mod? Let us know in the comments below!

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